Weekly Update 5/6/2021

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Fault News

Welcome to this week's blog post!

The team is currently working on some upcoming changes while also tackling both old and new bugs that arise. We plan to roll out more regular patches to address these bugs, as we continue to add new features, balance, and content to the game.


Our Game Design team will be pushing a balance patch next week, this patch will be the first of our regular balance updates. As a MOBA Fault will constantly evolve leading to needed tweaks and changes throughout its life, one of the changes coming up is a rework to cooldown reduction in-game. We will be using a new formula to calculate CDR to stop it from needing a cap, while also giving diminishing returns the more CDR you purchase. This change is being laid out now in preparation for our upcoming Favor mini-rework.

Favor Mini-Rework

The current Favor system was hard to balance because of exponential growth based on how many items the player had. This led to favor being almost irrelevant all of early game, and having too much of an impact late game unless the favor given per item was very low. With the new system, favor will be using a linear model, meaning for each point of favor, the player will be gaining a constant value no matter what time in the game. This should lead to favor being healthier overall, as well as serving a better function in the early game. We also went ahead and updated some of the ways players were able to get favor so that things such as raptors and CS'ing well will be more impactful.

We plan to change the system from effecting items, to giving static amounts of attributes based on the color of your chosen aspects. This means that items will no longer grow in strength from accumulating favor, and legendary items will not count towards the total amount of favor you have.

Example of per favor values:
White - 1 CDR
Red - 1.5 Physical Power
Blue - 2.5 Energy Power
Green - 20 Health
Purple - 1 Physical Pen


We want to continue adding content to the game and one of the main things people have been wanting is more items. We plan to start adding new items in upcoming patches, and we have many exciting concepts in the works that we will start to show off in upcoming weekly updates.


With patch 13.0 out the door we have taken a large step towards our full release, our main goal is to finish reworking the aesthetic of the game along with adding more player retention systems and new player onboarding tools, in the last weekly update we provided a list of the goals which you can read here. We have plans for some major marketing events in the future once we have added more of these features into the game. Starting this month we have some exciting things on the way for our community including a new form of Twitch drops, giveaways, community contests with prizes, and more!

Mastery System

With another weekly update comes another teaser!

This week we would like to present Riktor's mastery skins! As we have stated before the mastery system is something we plan to add in order to give our players rewards to grind out for thier favorite heros. We would also like to state that this system will be fully retroactive, which means that all of your past progress will be counted and you will have a nice headstart on the characters you have been playing since EA launch!

— Strange Matter Team