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Welcome Fault Family! This page was created to share all the amazing content produced by our community and shine a spotlight on outstanding community members.
We pride our selves in being heavily involved with our players, the community will always have a voice in Fault!

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Greetings Bkkaaa! Let’s get you introduced to our wonderful community. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi there, my name is actually Becca, but to pronounce my Gamertag, you need to say it like a chicken... “BKAAA!”. I’m a Montreal-based artist, currently studying Multimedia Arts in college, so everything from video editing, to web design, to programming, to animation, and 3D modeling. I started playing Paragon during Monolith, pre V42. I mained ADC, mid lane, and I started playing support after Phase was released.

Q) When creating new pieces of art, how do you usually get started? What gets you inspired to keep creating?

Research. Research. Reference.

Honestly, I spend too much time on Instagram scrolling and researching artists. I have a list of ideas that I jot down whenever inspiration strikes, and I refer back to it when I’m experiencing art block. 

As for what keeps me creating, it’s seeing the final product. Like “hey, I made that”. I’ve only gotten back into art since March when we got stuck inside. 

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Weekly Highlight

Russ the Gamer

What a play! Big shout out to russ for saving our community manager from the enemy team!

Join our discord to submit your highlights and the community will decide which one will be featured weekly.

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