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Welcome Fault Family! This page was created to share all the amazing content produced by our community and shine a spotlight on outstanding community members.
We pride our selves in being heavily involved with our players, the community will always have a voice in Fault!

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Queen Lil Dash

Weird and high energy, laid back and close community! I do face paint cosplays and meme ones too!

We lip sync and have a fun time and of course, we meme quite a lot.

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Community Showcase


Greetings Espadã! Let’s get you introduced to our wonderful community. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi, my name’s Tomas and (as you can probably tell from my accent) I’m from Italy. You may already know me for being a part of SMS Moderation and Media teams. I’ve always been very passionate about anything art related. I’m all for eye-candy, whether it is game visuals, a good video or a nice drawing and that’s what I try to convey with the content I produce, and I believe that was one of the factors that got me a place in the Media Team for Strange Matter Studios.

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Russ and his team pull off some amazing plays to secure their victory in this high energy gameplay clip!

Join our discord or tag us anywhere with #playfault to submit your highlights directly to us.

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