About Fault

Action packed 3rd Person Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Strange Matter Studios is incorporated in Montreal, Canada. Our studio began work on Fault in January, 2019. We formed knowing that a few, hardworking and talented individuals could create a game with even more value than what other projects were producing, and do so in far less time, because a small team means cohesion and vision are easy to achieve.

Our Founders and team has designed and implemented all game features from the ground up to be a competition-worthy MOBA.

our philosophy

At Strange Matter Studios, we are invested in rebuilding and improving upon the 3D action MOBA genre.

Our philosophy is that the gameplay and game mechanics are foremost. This means we spent our primary efforts making the game run smooth, feel good, and designing mechanics that engage players at every skill level. This includes enough mechanical depth for competitive-level decision-making and strategies, as well as opportunities for skill-expression in ranked play. In games like Fault, each match should be an engaging opportunity to grow in mastery of your favourite heroes and game mechanics.

Further, you'll notice that every team member has a role that directly translates to a solid, playable game. As a result of this philosophy, we chose to put lore and art (both 2D and 3D) on the sidelines until we knew we had a product the community loves. Rest assured that we will be filling in the missing and lacking assets to fully realize our dream of making Fault a AAA-quality game.

fault as a concept

Our game and map design revolves around action-packed, competitive play. Players should never be isolated from action or allowed to simply go into "autopilot" in lane. To achieve such a game, we needed inspiration from many sources, so we drew from many other MOBAs.

In regards to our itemization, we wanted an open store so any item could be built at any time, allowing players to express their skills by reacting to their opponents' builds without restrictions.

Lastly, we wanted every choice the player makes to be impactful. So we designed the Aspect/Faction system to allow the player to make impactful gameplay decisions both before and during the game. All of this adds together to make a system that can be as versatile or targeted as the player chooses.

All of these designs are still under construction, and will be continuously adjusted as we experiment and tweak during Alpha tests.