Weekly Update 4/29/2021

Post Patch 0.13 Update
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Welcome to today's weekly update blog post!

The reactions to patch 0.13.0 have been an amazing experience to witness and we are overjoyed at all the positive feedback. Since this week is mainly focused on watching how the patch is received by our community, while working on key things we need to address, this will be a fairly quick blog post.

Patch 13.1

Now that patch 0.13.0 is out the door, we are currently working on squashing some pesky bugs that remain in the game while tackling any new ones that have surfaced with the update, such as the key-bind bug players have been reporting and more. We plan to roll out another patch soon which will address the main issues while we continue to iron out any wrinkles in the game with our regular bug and balance patches.

We are also making some slight changes to the HUD due to community feedback, an example of this is adding team kill counts to the HUD. This was something our entire community agreed they wanted and we plan to continue making small changes leading up to 13.1.

Below is the updated raptor and kill count.

ELO Reset

As we reviewed our FR distributions among active and inactive players, we saw that our distribution curve was looking something like this:

This is almost a complete inverse of what the optimal curve should be:

As we move forward, we will be looking at features to help the natural tendencies of this curve to be more healthy, but for the time being we deemed it unsalvagable via any method of soft reset, which aims just to pull the edges in slightly, and opted to go for a moderately hard reset on all active and inactive accounts.

Mastery Teaser

Our art team has been working hard on mastery rewards along with many other skins we plan to release, like the ones we teased in previous weekly updates.

Today we have another glimpse at these rewards, the 4 stages of Mastery Steel!

Stage 1-4 Mastery for Steel

The Road Ahead

With patch 13.0 we have taken another large step towards full release and have laid down more foundations for us to build upon, we still have more work to do and below we have provided a list of some of the major changes we are working on in no particular order:

  • New map.
  • Main menu redesign.
  • Replay System/Creator tools.
  • Visual & Animation Polish.
  • New Items.
  • Mastery System.
  • Playable Tutorial.
  • Training Mode.
  • AI Game Modes.
  • Favor System Rework.
  • Raptors Rework.
  • Aspect System Rework.
  • Item Reworks.
  • MVP/Rating System.
  • Honor System.
  • ARAM mode.
  • Console release.

We will continue to keep you fully updated on our progress on each of these items and more while we continue to provide sneak peaks at things to come.

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— Strange Matter Team
April 29, 2021