Weekly Update 3/25/2021

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Fault News


Hey there Fault fam, and welcome to this week's blog post!

We have alot planned for the future of Fault and we are very excited to talk about everything coming to the game in future weekly updates, but for now, we would like to give everyone another look into what's coming with patch 0.13.0.

New Icons

We have many new icons being implemented with the H.U.D, and we wanted to give players a chance to study them ahead of time in preparation for patch 0.13.0. If you missed the new stat icons in a previous weekly update you can view them here.

New Role Icons

New Status Effect Icons

New Store

The style of the in-game store has changed and new features have been implemented to help everyone navigate and plan out their builds in a more efficient way.

Everything seen in this example above may change before final implementation.

New Scoreboard

The scoreboard is one of the many new screens coming with the HUD and patch 0.13.0. We have added a few things to the scoreboard itself, such as buff timers and the option to mute/report players.

New River Objectives

As we stated in the first weekly update, we have plans for new objectives for both our current and future map. With patch 0.13.0 we are implementing 3 new "Shrines", these new objectives will grant buffs when destroyed.

Ancients Blessing

There will be 2 Ancients Blessing shrines located on either side of the middle lane, these buffs grant increased XP gain and mana regen.

Thenos Blessing

This shrine will be found near solo lane and grants the player health and mana regen.

Chrimata Blessing

The final shrine can be found by the duo lane and grants Increased gold from minion kills.


Patch 0.13.0 will be the largest update the game has seen since the EA release, and we are happy to confirm that the patch will be dropping this April! We plan to announce the patch date with a large dev stream where we will go over the entire list of patch notes while discussing the future of the game with our community.

During the stream, we also plan to hold a live giveaway to give everyone a chance at some awesome Fault gifts. Stay tuned Fault fam and see you next week!

— Strange Matter Team
March 25, 2021