Weekly Update 3/4/2021

The next weekly update post is here!
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Hello again everyone and welcome to the next weekly update post!

We have more great content to show off while the team continues the grind on update 13.0, which contains not only the long-awaited H.U.D, but a ton of QOL changes for the game itself. Internal testing is underway and going well, and we will call a Dev stream closer to the patch to announce the date and showcase everything live to our community while we take any questions you may have about the game itself.

New Icons

With the HUD and UI update comes an entirely new set of icons, we wanted to provide some of these for everyone to study before implementation occurs. We will provide a full list of the new icons before patch 0.13.0 goes live.

Website Changes

We decided a new look in-game calls for a new look everywhere! Our website designer has been working hard to update the look of our webpages, which works towards unifying the aesthetic experience in-game and out. Below you will find a couple of examples of these changes.

New Hero Page
Everything you see in this preview is not final and subject to change

New Item Page
Everything you see in this preview is not final and subject to change

Gameplay Changes

We want to show an example of some of the major gameplay changes coming with the patch, if you are new to Fault check out the first weekly update where we went over many of these QOL changes coming with the update. Below we touchback on a couple of these changes while giving examples of how they will affect your gameplay.

Ability Casting System Rework

With our new reworked casting system, the cast time for most abilities will not be interruptible, meaning that once an ability has started to be cast, the gameplay effect will still occur after the cast time has elapsed even if an "Interrupt" crowd control effect took place during the cast time.

Certain abilities, such as Gideon's Black Hole shown below and most movement-based abilities, will have interruptible cast times. These abilities can be recast immediately (if interrupted) only when no gameplay effect has occurred. Very limited abilities will be an exception to this rule due to their design and intended gameplay, such as Grux's Seismic Pull and Morigesh's Curse, which will go on a shorter cooldown specified in the ability.

SFX Rework

We wanted to give everyone a small taste of some of the new sounds coming with the SFX/VFX rework, below we have examples of raptor and orb prime being taken in the distance.

Prime Helix Death

Raptor Slain

Riktor Skin Concept Poll

As we had shown in the last weekly update, the art team has been working hard on some upcoming content while the main dev team has been focused on patch 0.13. We provided a tease of a skin you will see more of soon, but we wanted to get feedback on a current concept for another future skin, cast your vote in the poll below and let us know what you think!

Vote here!


We are taking our time to ensure the the patch is stable, and as we stated above all of our progress is going great, we cant wait for everyone to experience all the changes coming with the next patch. We are getting close Fault fam, see you in next week's update post!

— Strange Matter Team
March 4, 2021