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NEW: Kallari
Kallari is the first of what we are calling “Combat Assassins” in Fault, who, instead of being solely focused on burst damage like Burst Assassins are, focus more on using mobility, stealth and other tactics to stay in the fight, dodge incoming attacks and assassinate their targets. We wanted Kallari to have high mobility as a core part of her identity and gameplay, and so she has a triple jump passive, movement speed in stealth, a straight line dash skill shot and a global teleport ultimate ability. To balance this, and to require a higher mechanical and tactical skill to assassinate targets, we made her Q deal bonus damage over time instead of instantaneous damage, her E to have a slight wind up before dashing, her passive effects to be situational or based off of longer cooldown abilities, and all of her damage abilities to have either low base damages or be based on basic attack damage, meaning significant effort will be necessary to ensure a relatively fragile but slippery Kallari can survive into the mid and late game and therefore scale with farm, gold and items before dealing meaningful damage. We will be watching her carefully to ensure that she is as balanced as possible while also ensuring it is difficult to unlock her full potential.
Assassin's Tactics (P):
  • Kallari can triple jump periodically. Kallari can gain up to two combat focuses.
  • Predation: Increases Kallari's Ability Damage when leaving Stealth
  • Evisceration: Increases Kallari's Basic Attack damage when she has not taken damage recently.

Shadow Veil (Q):
  • Active: Gain Stealth, Movement Speed and Health Regen. The first attack from Stealth deals bonus Physical Damage over time. Automatically triggers when dropping below a specified health threshold.

Shadow Strike (E):
  • Kallari deploys her mobility jets, rocketing forward and dealing Physical Damage to all targets hit.

Assassin's Dagger (RMB):
  • Kallari throws a dagger, dealing Physical Damage and applying a Movement Speed Slow. Kallari gains Predation on targets struck by Assassin's Dagger.

Assassin's Execution (R):
  • Kallari applies Assassin's Mark to all living enemy heroes and reveals them. Kallari can reconfirm the ability to teleport to a selected target, applying a Movement Speed Slow and dealing Physical Damage upon arrival. Evisceration is granted against enemies with Assassin's Mark.

Kallari Wallpaper

3840x2160 (4K): https://bit.ly/KallariWP4K
2560×1440 (2K): https://bit.ly/KallariWP2K
1920x1080 (1K): https://bit.ly/KallariWP1K


NEW: Kallari Toon



  • Movement abilities should now decelerate the player over a curve, allowing for smoother dashes that carry momentum, but keep the player from being able to abuse the added momentum from a dash to carry themselves distances farther than intended.
  • Sentry wards are now limited to two wards placed on the map per player.

Bug Fixes


Phantom Rush (RMB):
  • Camera is now locked while casting.

— Strange Matter Team
October 16, 2020