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Minor Bug Fixes and Gameplay Adjustments.



Fountain Spring
Fountain Spring was having a greater effect than what was intended and healthy, and is being brought down in effect. Players should not be able to move beyond their inhibitors with this enhanced movement speed.
  • Effect reduced from 50-100% to 25-50% and duration reduced from 8 to 7 seconds.

Lane Minion Aggro
With the recent changes to lane minions, the need to limit what draws lane minion aggro has become apparent. Lane minions need to have the ability to attack heroes for a meaningful duration that draw aggro in lane at inopportune times, but the conditions to draw this meaningful aggro needs to be refined. AOE abilities and skillshots need to be allowed in lane in order to promote trading in lane, so removing them from what draws lane minion aggro will lead to healthier engagements in lane that does not overly disrupt lane management.
  • Dealing damage to enemy heroes with abilities no longer draws lane minion aggro, except lock-on abilities and items.

Ranged & Siege Minion Attack Range
Our lane minions need to be in a tighter group when crashing in lane in order to allow AOE abilities to be effective for wave clear. Due to the size proportions of our hero models and AOE abilities, there cannot be one attack range that satisfies both this AOE ability requirement while also punishing heroes who aggro them in lane without running around the lane too much and disrupting lane management. Having their attack range change when attacking heroes should make their overall behaviour in lane more healthy.
  • Ranged and siege minions attack range now increases from 500 to 1000 units when attacking heroes.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with turrets targeting enemy heroes and minions but not attacking.


Warlock's Opus
  • Percent Energy Penetration will now properly penetrate Energy Armour. (Added in 0.6.2)


Ion Bomb (Q) 
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the projectile to go through spell shields.
Shadow Slip (Q) 
  • Fixed a bug allowing Countess to Shadow Slip under turret without taking aggro.
— Strange Matter Team
October 5, 2020