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NEW: Dekker
Dekker is a ranged control caster whose niche is controlling large groups of enemies. We wanted Dekker to have a higher skill ceiling and a passive mechanic that encourages skillful execution. Her lobbed Q ability and her delayed E ability will require both skill and situational awareness to execute properly, meaning that gaining mana back from successfully hitting heroes with her abilities through her passive ability will not be freely granted to players. As a control caster, she also requires some utility, and so her Ion Boosters will give her some vertical and horizontal mobility to make either aggressive or defensive plays, while also helping her nearby allies to do the same. A nuance of her Ion Boosters is that it is guaranteed mobility in the direction the player is facing, meaning some mechanical execution is required to utilize this reliable mobility in the intended direction while also using her abilities and influence in another. Finally, her ultimate ability Ion Fence is her staple game-changing ability that, under the right circumstances, can pin down an entire enemy team for slaughter. 
Ionic Restoration (P)
  • Striking enemy heroes with abilities refunds mana per enemy hero hit.

Ion Bomb (Q)
  • Dekker lobs a long range Ion Bomb that explodes in a small radius when striking enemy heroes, dealing Energy Damage and stunning all units. Bounces off terrain. 

Ion Bot (E)
  • Dekker summons an Ion Bot that slows enemies underneath. After a delay, the Bot lets out an explosion, dealing Energy Damage. Can be reactivated early for less damage.

Ion Boosters (RMB)
  • Dekker fires her ion boots, propelling herself forward into the air and granting all nearby allies decaying movement speed.

Ion Fence (R)
  • Dekker deploys a circular ion fence that blocks all enemy movement and projectiles. Reactivating the ability will cancel the fence early.
Known Bugs
  • The recommended build is not currently working /displaying correctly. This will be hotfixed in the coming days.

(Exclusive Season 0 Pass skin will be added at a later date.)

GRIM.exe is a ranged, hybrid carry that can be played and itemized in various different ways. We wanted to take the opportunity with a unique hero and make him our first hero to be based on energy as a resource and not mana. We wanted GRIM to have both energy and physical power scalings on most of his abilities in order to enable him to be itemized as both a mage or as a basic attack carry. As a basic attack carry, all forms of his Q receive less scaling from physical power, but the itemized attack speed has a growing, positive feedback loop through his passive and E ability that enables him to be an effective basic attack carry that still has some utility and ability damage through his Q, E and R. As a mage, energy power is scaled higher through all forms of his Q and also through his ultimate and passive ability, allowing his abilities to chunk while his slower but more empowered LMB (through his passive) provides him with consistent damage. His RMB shield is a staple defensive option for GRIM that allows him to absorb an incoming enemy ability, while also reducing the active cooldown of his Q ability. GRIM will be a high skill cap and a mechanically intense hero that we hope will provide a challenge to players that want to master him.
SURGE.exe (P)
  • Abilities cost Energy instead of Mana.
  • Basic attacks apply stacks of Sugre, which can be detonated when at full stacks with another basic attack to deal energy damage and grant energy.

BLAST.exe (Q)
  • Ion Mode: Fire a projectile that displaces and damages enemies.
  • Acceleron Mode: Fire a projectile that slows and damages enemies.
  • Electron Mode: Fire a projectile that pierces, shreds and damages enemies.

MODE.exe (E)
  • Toggle between 3 firing modes.
  • Ion Mode: Basic attacks and Surge detonation grant additional energy.
  • Acceleron Mode: Basic attacks grant stacking attack speed. Costs energy per attack.
  • Electron Mode: Basic attacks gain additional range. Costs energy per attack.

  • Activate a shield for a short duration that blocks the next enemy ability. Blocking an ability grants energy and reduces the active cooldown of BLAST.exe.

  • Lock onto an enemy hero and fire a projectile after a short delay that damages the target. Pierces minions, monsters and terrain. 

GRIM.exe & Dekker are exclusively available for Season 0 Pass holders. For those of you that do not own the Season 0 Pass, GRIM.exe & Dekker will be available to purchase with Matter, Coins or Hero Marks on September 11th, 2020.


  • Added SFX to the comm Wheel
  • 5 player parties will be turned back on, with a newly refined internal MMR system. This may increase queue times for high ranking players that are in a 5 player group. We will continue to monitor matchmaking and make adjustments as needed.



  • Heroes will look more grounded while in shadow.
  • Trees and foliage have better shadows in detailed parts (mostly leaves).
  • Dawn side's marble received a graphical overhaul to look more realistic.
  • Volumetric clouds look smoother and more realistic


Twin Blast
  • Twinblast's movement animations aren't idling anymore while doing an ult.

Bug Fixes

  • Added missing thumb mouse button icons for key remapping.
  • Weekly Challenge Mark rewards will now properly rotate the reward, instead of constantly awarding Hero Marks.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing health bars to disappear.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing both Blue Buff and the Raptor to cause no damage if a player was blocking their target.

  • Fixed Various Map Exploits 

  • Fixed outliners not working in game. Targeting outliner, hero ally blue outliner through walls, enemy red outliner

Baleful Armor
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Baleful Armour to break the shield from Warlock’s Aegis.


Bear Necessities (E)
  • Fixed an issue that was giving multiple pickup values from his energy balls. They will now always only give 20 per hero, raptor, prime, and 2 for other minions.

Beastial Wrath (R)
  • Fixed issue that was causing the player to get stuck when casting his ultimate in mid-air.

Energy Blast (LMB)
  • Fixed an issue that was not giving on-hit effects with items.

— Strange Matter Team
September 4, 2020

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