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Optimization, structure, gameplay changes and more.

We have made several changes to texture sizes in order to fix many of the performance issues some of you were experiencing. Sadly, this does mean the update will be rather large. We will continue to monitor performance this week with FPS drops being one of our highest priorities.


  • Tweaked Ranged and Melee Basic Attack camera shakes and Ability on-hit camera shakes to be more subtle and shorter in duration.
  • Added new Crosshair / Hitmarker & tweaked the animations to be more dynamic when hitting a target.
  • Players can call for a ‘reset’ using the surrender button before 4 minutes if a player is flagged as AFK or disconnected. The vote requires 40% of connected players but will become unavailable if the team with the flagged player gets first blood before this time.
  • Increased base Movement Speed on all Heroes by 15.
  • Minion size reduced by 12.5%
  • If a player does not select a hero, the draft will be aborted instead of auto-selecting for them.
  • Toned down the red hue to make the map look more neutral.
  • Updated Dawn's marble textures.
  • Altered some landscape in the Dawn side jungle (Blue).
  • Added some additional foliage in the Dawn side jungle (Blue).
  • Added additional words to the chat banned list.
  • Removed Elo from the Play menu

Bug Fixes

General / Optimization
  • Fixed various game crashes, including when you Alt + Tab out of the game.
  • Fixed some lag spike issues. We will be monitoring this further.
  • Reduced texture size of a lot of assets to reduce loaded textures from >4GB to <1.5GB.
  • Changed User Report option to say "Intentional Feeding" and not "Intentional Lossing".
  • Reconnection fixes.
  • Fixed infinite loading screen before games.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing user settings to not stay applied unless you clicked on the setting menu again, such as the menu music volume & mouse sensitivity resetting.
  • Fixed help tip font in Pre-Draft loading screen and moved the loading circle to its correct position.
  • Maul (RMB): Fixed an issue that was causing Boris to slowly reset his collision when ending his animation inside another target.
  • Rocket Slam (R): Fixed an issue that was causing the ability to target Steel's Forceshield.
  • Shadow Slip (Q): Fixed an issue that was letting Countess jump to Wards and gain vision of them.
  • Void Breach (RMB): Fixed an issue that was causing Gideon to be bugged after respawning and unable to attack after using Void Breach in certain circumstances.
  • Power of the Heavens (E): Fixed an issue that was causing Energy Armour to not come back for the enemy after being shredded by the ability.
  • Judgment of the Heavens (Q): Fixed an issue that was causing Judgement of the Heavens to use Sevarog's Siphon mana cost instead of his own.
  • Serenity (Q): Fixed an issue with the slow sometimes not applying on hit.
  • Thunk (RMB): Fixed an issue that was causing Thunk to hit targets behind him.
  • Fixed being able to swap Trinkets for Items, essentially giving you a 7th Item slot.
  • Goblin Glue's Passive now works correctly.
  • Fixed Fog Walls flickering.
  • Fixed some Fog Walls being out of place.
  • Fixed an issue with some of the water spheres on the Dawn side.

Balance Changes


  • Damage reduced from 300 to 240.
  • Damage scaling per 60 seconds reduced from 18 to 14.
  • Now does Area of Effect Damage instead of only focusing a single target.
Inhinbitor Crystal
  • Base Health Regen increased from 0 to 15.


Super Minions
  • Back Attack Damage increased from 202 to 225.
  • Damage scaling per 90 seconds increased from 1.25 to 5.
  • Health Regen increased from 0 to 5.
  • Health scaling per 90 seconds increased from 54 to 80.


  • Power of the Heavens (E): Energy Power scaling increased from 0.6 to 0.7.

— Strange Matter Team