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Patch 0.17.0 will launch tonight, July 17th, for testing purposes before the free-to-play launch on Steam. Downtime will begin 7:00pm EST and is expected to be down for 2 hours. This DOES NOT mean the game will be free-to-play until the original planned date of July 18th. The exact time is still to be confirmed but we will announce everywhere once it's live.

PLEASE NOTE: The game will be free-to-play on BOTH Steam and EGS. It is not exclusive to EGS only.


Economy Update

With patch 0.17.0 we have completely changed how the economy works in Fault.

We felt that with the previous system, the game did not feel rewarding enough for the average player. This complete rework removes the mark system and replaces it with Cores, these cores can be redeemed for fragments which allow you to unlock many different items found within the store. Each 10 marks you had will convert to 1 Orb. Below we have taken the time to fully explain this new system, Cores & Orbs to our community.

Cores and Orbs

What are Cores?

Cores are a chest that contains high-value rewards and requires a key to unlock their contents

  • Cores can be purchased individually or in bundles with coins and come with their respective keys.
  • Cores can always be purchased in the in-game store and are also featured on the sales screen at a discount, with a limited number of purchases per player.
  • Players can select up to 3 fragments to “augment” the value of a Core. This increases the value of the Core’s contents by the value amount of the fragments.

Types of Cores

There are two types of Cores in Fault:

Lesser Cores are mainly granted from high-value in-game achievements and event rewards and contain both cosmetic and hero fragments.

Prime Cores are only purchasable with Coins and mainly contain cosmetic rewards.

What are Orbs?

An Orb is a chest that contains low-value rewards and does NOT require a key or matter to unlock its contents.

  • Orbs cannot be purchased with coins or Matter.
  • Your old marks will be converted to Orbs. 10 Marks = 1 Orb.
  • Orbs are granted as in-game rewards for low-value achievements and event rewards.
  • If the Orb only obtains a certain type of content, it can be categorized by the content type.
  • If the Orb only contains fragments related to a hero, it can be considered a Hero Orb ie, Gideon Orb, Murdock Orb, etc.
  • If the Orb only contains fragments for a monetization category (for example, skins), it can be considered a Skin Orb ie, Skin Orb, Ward Orb, etc.
  • If the Orb only contains rewards exclusive to a progression/reward system (for example, Paragon/Honor system, coming soon), it can be considered a Paragon Orb ie, Paragon Orb, Event Orb (Halloween, New Years, etc.), etc.

Types of Orbs

There are three types of Orbs found within Fault: Lesser, Common, and Prime Orbs. These orbs can contain Matter, Fragments and Keys. Each level of Orb has a higher chance to drop higher tier rewards.

How to earn Orbs

There are many ways to earn orbs in game to get a chance at some awesome loot, below we have listed how to earn them:

  • Playing a Match
  • Account Progression
  • Hero Mastery System
  • First Game of the Day
  • First Win of the Day
  • Daily Challenges
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Honor System/Level (Coming soon)


In Fault, you are able to re-roll fragments from your inventory in order to receive a random new fragment.


We have a feature that allows you to consume your fragments (of the same type) to rent out skins or heroes for 24 hours.


Once you have 3 of the same fragment, you can combine them and receive the reward they are tied to permanantly, fragments exist for every item within the Fault in-game store.

Pocketful of Quarters

We have begun working with an outside group named Pocketful of Quarters (https://www.poq.gg) who run events and tournaments for tons of different games. As a PvP game, we are very excited to work with them in the future, as they will be running events with some familiar faces in the Fault community. PoQ has a interoperable game token that players can earn in events and spend in many different games. This currency, named Quarters, can also be used on their website for cool prizes and other in-game goodies from popular titles. Our players will have the ability to link their accounts with PoQ in order to obtain and spend Quarters directly in Fault and everywhere they are accepted. Quarters can not be sold and are simply a way for gamers to have more freedom with their purchases.

Each Fault Coin will translate over to 4 Quarters if you link your account to PoQ.

This system is completley optional and you can continue to purchase Coins like you always have done.


Recently we started work on implementing T4 skin visual effects. The list below is all the currently implemented visual effects for these skins. Going forward with each new hero release, T4 skins will come with their visual effects ready to go. We plan on finishing the rest of the currently unimplemented T4 skins in the coming weeks.

Full List:

Magma Scarab Grux

Novaborn Greystone

Undertow Gideon (Not his Q)

Rogue Kallari

Rogue Sparrow

Northern Mystic Morigesh

Summertime Twinblast

Heavy Armor Belica

Bad Santa Riktor

In-store Content

Name Changing
  • You can now change your name directly in game by clicking your name/avatar/currency.
  • 10,000 Matter
  • 400 Coins
  • 1,600 Quarters

New Avatars
Crunch Punch
Feng Pipe
Dark Phase

New Skins
Toxic Countess
Polar Ops Boris
High Tech Boris
Epic Astro Gideon (Epic Games Store Exclusive)
Dark Side Gideon



Usernames are now case-sensitive.

Fault's Anniversary

Today marks two years of Fault's early access period!

We are very grateful for the continued support from our community and we know we could not have made it this far without everyone who has stuck with us all this time. This journey has been amazing and we are very excited to take the next step towards full release with you all.

We had planned to hold an anniversary stream to go over our journey with you all. Unfortunately, we have rescheduled the stream and will provide more details to everyone soon. In the meantime, we have made some of our early videos public again for today so that everyone can take a look back at where we started.

Playlist link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17eo8RaeAB8&list=PLdkcySiFfJDmXD4_IyniCcGSDW3A2K0JA

If you would like to compare then vs now, here is our latest gameplay trailer:

Thank you all for playing our game, we look forward to the future.

— Strange Matter Team
July 17, 2022

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