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Through testing we have found that DirectX 12 provides a significant improvement in overall feel of the game as well as performance. As such we have made Fault run with DirectX 12 by default. For incompatible systems there will be an additional launch option to still use DirectX 11 through Steam. We will monitor the community's feedback and continue to work on optimization in future patches.
  • DirectX 12 is now enabled by default.




  • On your first match played the game will auto detect your visual settings and adjust them automatically.


  • Lowered the occurrences of Voice Lines.
  • Adjusted the Death and Spawn SFX for Raptors and Alpha Raptor to help players tell the difference.
  • Adjusted Murdock LMB SFX.
  • Steel SFX redesign.



Lt. Belica

Neural Disruptor (R)
  • Fixed an issue where activating stasis during the animation would allow you to move while in stasis.


Crunch Punch (P)
  • Will now appropriately show stacks on the passive indicator.


Blood Lust (P)
  • Will now work on all targets, not just heroes.


Duo Lane

Tier One Tower
  • Fixed a part of the terrain by Dawn side T1 that players could get stuck on.


Alpha Raptor
  • Fixed an issue causing the bite attack to not do damage.
Red Buff
  • Fixed an issue causing Red Buff to not lose aggro when out of its attack range.



  • Can no longer accept invalid invites.
  • Will no longer show default avatar when first joining parties.


  • Fixed an issue with the apply button not saving all settings.
  • Exiting a screen without an apply button will now auto apply the changed settings.
  • Fixed an issue where logging out wouldn’t remove your saved password.



  • Fixed an issue with Riktor's LMB sound not being attached to the hero.


  • Fixed an issue GRIM's Ion Mode (E) sound not being attached to the hero.




  • Warlock - Reduced Bonus Damage from 16% -> 15%.



Dark Drain (P)
  • Removed - No longer grants a percentage of Countess’ Base Health back on kill.
  • New - Countess now regenerates a percentage of her slain targets Maximum Health (2.5% from minions / 15% from heroes) over 2 seconds occurring every 0.5 seconds, scaling with her total Energy Power (1% per 100 EP from minions / 5% per 100 EP from heroes).
 Blade Siphon (RMB)
  • Removed - No longer grants bonus damage based on next ability used against a target after hitting Blade Siphon.
 Dark Tide (E)
  • Width increased from 200 -> 300 units.
  • Range increased from 650 -> 850 units.

Feng Mao

Basic Attack Timer increased from 1.15 -> 1.2 seconds.

Imperial Sentence (R)
  • Movement Penalty increased from 50% -> 75% while casting.
  • Cooldown increased from 120/100/80 -> 150/120/90.
  • Mana Cost changed from 100/110/120 -> 100 at all levels.


Challenger’s Rage (R)
  • Duration increased from 10 -> 12 seconds at all levels.
Crushing Blows (P)
  • Bonus Damage BAD Scaling increased from 10/15/20/25/30% -> 30% at all levels.


Static Trap (E)
  • Removed - Traps no longer slow enemy units or stun pushed enemy units.
  • New - Now can hold up to 3 charges on a 30 second recharge time, with a 2 second mini-cooldown between placements.
  • New - Traps now Root enemy units for 1 second at all levels. 
  • Lifetime of traps reduced from 60 at all levels -> 30/35/40/45/50.


Cloak of Fortune

  • Lifesteal from Overdrive proc increased from 10% -> 15%.

Cube of Balance

  • Can no longer be activated while under the effects of hard CC.

Enlightened Saber

  • Vision Radius increased from 600 -> 800 units.
  • Increased Cooldown Reduction from 15 -> 20.
  • Reduced Physical Penetration from 12 -> 10.
  • Reduced Gold Cost from 2600 -> 2400.

Magus Crossbow

  • Energy Power Scaling increased from 15% -> 20%.
  • Attack Speed increased from 45 -> 50.

Nirvana Jewel

  • Can no longer be activated while under the effects of hard CC.

Radiant Poise

  • Can no longer be activated while under the effects of hard CC.

— Strange Matter Team
June 20, 2022

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