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Morigesh Release + Patch 0.12.0



NEW: Morigesh
Morigesh is the first combat mage coming to Fault and as such is designed to get closer to her targets than typical mages, deal good sustained damage while also having a method of prolonging her survival. While Morigesh lacks the range of other mages with both of her main abilities being close to ranged basic attack range, she does gain utility, damage and sustain with her E ability and consistent and reliable damage with her RMB, Q and Ultimate. Morigesh is not the most mechanically demanding hero, but does require smart positioning, trading and decision making in order to shine. The longer Morigesh is able to stay within range of a target and stack Poison on her target from her passive, the more damage and potential survivability she gets. Morigesh is vulnerable when she can be kept at range or when she is controlled and burst down.

Kit Overview


3840x2160 (4K)
2560x1440 (2K)
1920x1080 (1K)


NEW: Sorceress Morigesh (Season Pass 0 Exclusive)


NEW: Sorceress Morigesh


  • Removed Snow Map


  • Added new default range indicator decals.

Bug Fixes


  • Camera movements that occur while casting abilities and receiving damage will now be more smooth with less hitches.


Reversal of Fortune (R):
  • Can now aim at allies more easily and can cast at targets closer to her. A rework of her aiming will come in the future to improve this even further.



A review of lock-on abilities was performed with the addition of Morigesh and tweaks were made across the board. Since we want to emphasize good mechanical skill through requiring players to properly aim their abilities while also respecting the chess-like, tactical decision making of MOBAs, longer range lock-on abilities now require players to essentially click directly on their targets for the lock-on to work. These lock-ons now require roughly 75-80% more accurate aiming.

Recommended Builds
  • Sentry Ward added to recommended builds.
  • Radiant Pulse added to Support role.


  • Physical and Energy Armour gained per stack reduced from 12 to 6.
  • Out of Combat Shield timer Increased from 10 to 12 seconds.


Rocket Slam (R):
  • Lock-on has been tuned to require more precise aiming.

Lt Belica
Neural Disruptor (R):
  • Lock-on has been tuned to require more precise aiming.

Shadow Slip (Q):
  • Lock-on has been tuned to require more precise aiming.

Dekker’s ultimate was proving to be too oppressive in game and was not leading to desired gameplay for players caught within its area. To address this, her ultimate has been changed to allow projectiles to pass through and focus more on what it’s intended for, which is blocking hero movement. It should now perform more in-line with what’s healthy from a gameplay perspective and also from a character design perspective.
Ion Bot (E):
  • Added a 0.5 second minimum recast timer to the ability
Ion Fence (R):
  • Now allows projectiles to pass through the cage.

Gadget has been in a really good spot since release. Her artillery nature is coming through her gameplay, although her Disruptor Drone is proving to be too much of a nuisance. Since we want to keep her insistent barrage of spells as a core feature of Gadget, increasing the mana cost on her RMB will help make the use of the ability more thoughtful.
Disruptor Drone (RMB):
  • Mana cost increased from 45/50/55/60/65 to 50/60/70/80/90.

Ambush (RMB):
  • Lock-on has been tuned to require more precise aiming.

Empalement (R):
  • Angle increased from 30 to 35 degrees.

Colossal Blow (R):
  • Angle is now correct and is 130 instead of 180 degrees.

— Strange Matter Team
December 30, 2020