Wintervale Twitch Drops

Twitch drops have come to Fault!
Fault News

Let the grind begin!

From now until January 4th 12am EST, all Official and Partnered Twitch channels will have drops enabled! We plan to use these drops as our new way of holding Twitch giveaways, this will be our first Twitch drop event and we have more planned, some future giveaways will be available to all Fault streamers.

Drop Details

Drops will happen in stages, these stages unlock after different tiers of time spent watching Fault partnered streams, each stage will occur twice per Fault account. If for some reason you receive an item you already own, you will be gifted 75% of that item's Mark cost as compensation.

Matter Drops (Stage 1)
  • Small matter drop of 5k Matter
  • Large Matter drop of 10k Matter

Wintervale Avatars (Stage 2)
  • Ugly Sweater Gadget toon.
  • Everfrost Kwang toon.
  • Bad Santa Riktor toon.
  • Everfrost Belica toon.
  • Peppermint Kallari toon.

Wintervale Skins (Stage 3)
  • Ugly Sweater Gadget
  • Everfrost Kwang
  • Bad Santa Riktor
  • Everfrost Belica
  • Peppermint Kallari
  • Artic Dekker
— Strange Matter Team
December 31, 2020