Wintervale 2020

WIntervale is upon us!
Fault News

Winterfest 2020 is almost here!

We are happy to announce that we will be holding our second limited-time in-game event from the 21st of December until January 4th!

As always, we like to include something for players to remember the event by, so just like in Shadowfest we have exclusive avatars available for Wintervale, a discount on all Winter skins, and two double EXP weekends!

We will also be sending out more information through out the event on upcoming Twitch community events, Dev streams, and a hat and mask giveaway!


During both the December 26th and January 2nd weekends, all matches will reward double experience. Earn Matter and Marks faster than before via level-up rewards!


JayVeeCue has created more exclusive in-game avatars for this event! These avatars will only be available for purchase during the event, but they will return with next years Wintervale.


For the entire event, all Winter-themed skins will receive a temporary 15% Matter & Coin discount in-game.


Wintervale Wallpaper 4k
Wintervale Wallpaper 2k
Wintervale Wallpaper 1k

— Strange Matter Team
December 19, 2020