Weekly Update 6/2/21

Today's blog post is live now!

Weekly Update 6/2/21

Today's blog post is live now!
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Welcome to todays blog post!

Due to feedback and the introduction of our regular bi-weekly patches, we will be moving our weekly blog posts to a bi-weekly format alternating between patches and blog posts every week. As we schedule more and more regular content, we plan to shift around our dates to better fit our community and the content we have planned.

Lesser Helix

Our pre-Prime map objective, the Lesser Helix, is planned to be implemented in our next bi-weekly patch. This new objective will give our players more to consider when planning their tactics while also providing another main early objective compared to just slaying the Raptor.

The Lesser Helix grants each member of the team a 15% bonus true damage to the next attack they hit on a turret for 180 seconds, it will spawn at 8 minutes in the orb prime pit.

The Lesser Helix visuals may change before implementation.

Lesser Helix Audio

Below we have provided a sneak peak into the sounds that will play upon the spawning and death of the Lesser Helix:

Map Talk

Many of you may know from past blogs and discussions, that we are currently working on a new map. We wanted to take a moment to mention that we have added a new staff member, Espada, to our team who is working on our current map to smooth out any issues reported by our community, such as the collision fix shown below:

This work will improve the player experience when traversing the current battlefield while the new map is being worked on, we will have more changes to show regarding our current, and upcoming map in future updates and social posts.

Mastery Preview

Presenting, the next master skin showcase: the four stages of Twinblast mastery!

— Strange Matter Team
June 3, 2021

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