Weekly Update 5/27/21

This week's blog post is live now!

Weekly Update 5/27/21

This week's blog post is live now!
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Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s blog post!

Ontop of the features listed in the most recent weekly updates, such as our main menu overhaul, the team’s main priorities are focused towards our mastery and player onboarding systems. These system's such as Mastery, Hero AI, and Bot modes are crucial to have in place for our current community before we begin to grow our player base further. We will have multiple inside looks into these systems in future weekly updates as we continue to give you all an inside look into development.

Pre-Prime Objective

On top of the main systems the team is working on, we are also working on more new items to add into the game along with an interesting new feature in the jungle, the Lesser Helix.

The Lesser Helix is essentially a buff that gives each member of the team a 15% bonus true damage to the next attack they hit on a turret for 180 seconds, it will spawn at 8 minutes in the orb prime pit.

Tutorials and videos

We have updated our basic tutorial in-game and we plan to add more helpful videos, such as role and hero specific tutorials, to our main menu in order to improve new player onboarding during the wait for our bot mode and hero AI systems.

Season Pass Ending.

As seen in yesterday’s patch notes, we have removed the season zero pass from ingame and our Master and Founder packs, the pass has been replaced with a Hero pack containing all 7 heroes released during season zero, while all limited time content will still only be owned by those who held the season 0 pass.

Season Zero Hero Pack

Mastery system skin preview

Another weekly update means another look at some of our upcoming master rewards!

This week, we have chosen to showcase the four stages of mastery skin rewards for Sevarog.


We have many plans for community interaction such as polls, dev streams, fun contests in the future, and more! We plan to also hold Twitch drops as stated in last weeks blog post, however, we may push the drops to a later date, in order to better suit the content creators streaming the game.

Thank you for stopping by to check out or blog post, if you are new to the game be sure to check out our news section to get all caught up on everything coming to Fault!

— Strange Matter Team
May 27, 2021

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