Weekly Update 5/20/2021

This week's blog post is live now!
Fault News

Welcome to this week's blog post!

The team is working on multiple systems and features and our main focus right now is player retention and new player onboarding. We plan to release another patch that will include the jungle changes from our last weekly update along with more balance, items, and bug fixes.

New Main Menu

With the new HUD drastically changing the in-game aesthetic, we are very eager to update the rest of our menus. We have been working on a full overhaul of our main game menus which will include many new features such as:

  • Team chat.
  • Direct messaging.
  • New profile page.
  • Community tab.
  • Custom player builds for items.
  • and more!

New Video Tutorials

We received a lot of feedback about our past video tutorial and have begun creating a new series of videos to help players learn the game at a faster rate while waiting for our AI and bot modes, this will include a much shorter “basics” tutorial along with a series of role specific and hero specific videos. We plan to begin releasing these videos regularly and adding them to our learn page in-game.

Twitch Drop Event

We will be holding a twitch drop event during the first week of June!

We held Twitch drops in the past during our Wintevale event and we were able to gather data and feedback for future events. We are excited to start more regular twitch drops for players and content creators alike, and we have refined the reward systems and reward content to better suit our players. Keep an eye out on our social channels as we will be posting all the information about how these drops will work next week.

Mastery system

The work on the mastery system is going well and we have another look at rewards to show you!

Introducing: the four stages of mastery skin rewards for Boris.


Thank you for checking out today's weekly update, and see you all next week!
For those of you who may be new to Fault, you can catch all the details about what is coming to the game in our news page here.

— Strange Matter Team
May 20, 2021