Weekly Update 5/13/21

This week's blog post is live now!

Weekly Update 5/13/21

This week's blog post is live now!
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Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s blog post!

As we are about to release another patch, we will keep this post short, and talk about a few things coming to the game along with another preview at our upcoming mastery system.

Jungle leveling system

Currently, all jungle camps besides Raptor and Prime work using static stats, meaning their health and damage do not go up over time. This causes issues with clear speeds being too slow early on and too quick as people progress through the game. To fix this issue, we are looking to implement a system that works off of the average level of all enemy and allied heroes.

This will make it so that we can lower the early game health and damage of the jungle camps, while raising these stats as the game progresses, slowing down the clear speed further into the game. This should create a healthier experience overall in the jungle.

New Jungle Items

These new jungle items were created to make clearing camps for non-junglers harder during the early/mid-game, and also giving junglers better sustain as they fight each individual camp. We plan to implement them with our upcoming jungle leveling system.

Tempest Woe

Rain of Fervor

Almighty Gale

Objective Timers

Objectives such as jungle camps, Shrines, Raptor and Prime Helix will have a 3D camp timer, this change will be implemented in today's launch of patch 0.13.3.

Fog of War

We are currently working on a mini-map fog of war that with help visualize wards, heroes, and minion's visibility radius. This should vastly improve player's experience with warding, while also helping to clarify what areas of the minimap are revealed by vision.

Mastery system

This week we have another look into the rewards for our upcoming mastery system!

Introducing: Murdock's 4 stages of mastery skins!

— Strange Matter Team
May 13, 2021

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