Weekly Update 4/8/2021

The next weekly update is live now!
Fault News


Hello everyone and welcome to today's weekly update! We have more teasers to show you, however, we do want to save a few surprises for our community. We are very excited for the release of the next patch, not only for the content we have shown off, but also due to the fact that this patch also works towards much-needed implementations of new systems to make development alot smoother later down the line.


We have more awesome audio coming with patch 0.13 and we would love to share more of it with you! Today, we would like to show you the new sounds for Fault's blue buff monster.

Blue Buff Audio

Self HP Bars

We have a new form of self HP Bars coming with the new HUD, instead of appearing over your head, we have reformed the bars to fit over your shoulder.

HP Bar Interactions

While we are on the topic of our new HP bars, we would also like to show you an example of status effects and how they interact with these new bars.


We were able to secure another teaser of this mysterious creation from our art team, what could it be? The hunt continues!

Mastery System (Post-Patch 13)

We had a ton of great feedback on our last blog post, and one of the main items players commented on was the first stage silver tier mastery skin. Today we would like to continue teasing our mastery system with the second stage/gold tier Narbash mastery skin!


The patch is nearly complete as we continue to tackle bugs that arise and iron out any wrinkles, we understand everyone is very excited to get the new content in their hands but as we have stated before we want to make sure it's worth the wait. We have already began the final testing stages and plan to release the date with our next Dev stream, we have alot planned for our community post-patch 0.13 and cannot wait to share it all with you.

We are nearly there Fault fam, see you next week!

— Strange Matter Team
April 8, 2021