Weekly Update 4/15/2021

The next weekly update is lIve now!
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Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s blog post!

We would like to inform everyone that the patch is in the final stage of development and that next week’s “Weekly Update” will be replaced with a Dev stream containing the patch notes, showing off the build live, reacting to community content, and announcing the final date for the long-awaited patch 13.0 release. The stream will take place Thursday 22nd at 2 pm EST. Since this will be the last weekly update blog post containing patch 0.13 content we wanted to still show off a few things coming to the game.

Steam Community Items

We will be adding Steam Community Items in the next couple of weeks. Steam Badges are craftable items that you can display on your Steam profile by collecting an entire set of Trading Cards. The more you craft, the higher your Badge level! Trading Cards can drop into your Steam inventory by simply playing the game, trade them with friends or sell/buy them on the Steam marketplace. In addition to Badges, you also have the chance to receive Steam Chat Emoticons & profile Backgrounds when you craft one! To read more about Trading Cards and how they work, you can do so here.

After we add these base community items, we will be working on Steam Points Shop items that include things like Stickers, Animated Profile Backgrounds, Mini-Profile Backgrounds, Avatar Profile Frames and Animated Avatars. To read more about the Steam Points Shop, you can do so here.

VFX System Rework

Our VFX system rework was a success and we are now able to change and rework VFX at a much faster rate, this also means reworking the effects on higher tier skins like Aztec Steel and Magma Grux will be much easier from now on. Some of you may have noticed some changes to Sevarogs base VFX in our past weekly update. Below we have added an example of a slight Sevarog rework that was part of a test of our new system. We will be adding/reworking VFX for multiple heroes in the future, and now that this system is in place it will be much easier to achieve.



SFX Rework

As we have stated before, our sound team has been hard at work updating all the in game audio and a large portion of this rework will be included in patch 0.13. We would like to give you yet another example of some of these sounds.

Red Buff SFX

Website Changes

Our web designer has been working to update the look of our webpages, which works towards unifying the aesthetic experience in-game and out, below is an example of our new upcoming roster page.


The leaks from the art team continue! Today, we continue to give small peaks at upcoming content post-patch 0.13!

Mastery System

Today we would like to show you the next stage of mastery skin for Narbash, Diamond!
We are preparing a video for the final stage skin in Narbash’s lineup since we believe a photo will not do it justice. We plan to show it off to everyone during Thursday's dev stream.

We will continue to show our community the rewards for multiple heroes and more from the mastery system in future weekly updates in order to get feedback directly from you all.


As we stated above, this will be the last weekly update blog post discussing patch 0.13, and we are very excited for next week's Dev stream! Our partners, moderators, and testers will be playing the new build live and will have full access to it until the patch releases once the build is ready. We have alot of fun stuff planned for our community once the patch is live, stay tuned Fault fam, and see you next week!

— Strange Matter Team
April 15, 2021