Weekly Update 4/1/2021

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Hello again Fault fam and welcome to this week's blog post!

The progress on the patch is going very well, as we move into our final testing stages. As we stated before, patch 0.13 not only brings our new HUD and some needed QoL changes but also goes towards implementing new systems and code changes which work towards creating a more stable and strong foundation for us to build upon. In today’s blog post we would like to show you a few more things coming with patch 0.13, while also discussing what we have planned after the patch.

Patch 0.13

We have some more content to talk about regarding the big patch in today's post. If you are new to our weekly updates, be sure to check out our past blog posts to get caught up on everything coming with patch 0.13 here.


Last week we spoke of the objectives coming to the game and the buffs they grant players upon being destroyed, today we would like to show you what each these shrines will look like in game.

New Crosshairs

The cross hairs in-game have seen a slight rework to help players judge their range when targeting players. Below we have examples of the change for both melee and ranged heroes.

Footage speed increased for purpose of gif

Quick Buy Feature

We have implemented yet another feature with our new shop; The quick buy window. This screen will pop up when you return to base and will give you shortcuts to buying items from the recommended tab without needing to open the shop. Every second counts in the heat of battle and we feel this will be a nice addition to cut down on your time in base.

The quick buy shop will also reflect player's custom builds in the future when we add the option for all players to preplan their builds in the main menu.

Post-Patch 0.13

We would also like to talk about a few things we are currently working on for post-patch 0.13. We have a ton of features and updates planned for the future of fault and many of them are already well underway, we would tease them now but we have plans in place for how we want to present each of these items to you in future weekly updates.

Mastery System

As some of you noticed in our past weekly blog post, we gave a small teaser of a hero mastery system through our concept for our new loading screen, which included a form of a loading screen flair. In this image we show what the default mastery flair will look like, however, they will change depending on your mastery rank with each hero.

We want to continue giving our players something to grind towards, and our hero mastery system will be another step towards providing this for our community. Players will be able to grind their heroes' mastery score to not only show off their skills but to earn awesome hero-specific content like mastery skins! Below we have provided an image of the lowest stage Narbash skin that will be availabe through the mastery system.

Narbash Silver Mastery Skin
New Map

Even with patch 0.13 being the main focus for our core team, we are still working towards our new map every day and we cannot wait to start showing it off in the future, if you would like to know more about Faults new future map, check out our past blog post from one of our game designers Sylphin here.

Bi-weekly Balance Passes

We have been very busy working on patch 0.13.0 and the new content coming with it, but we have still been working heavily on our pipeline for balance passes and we plan to start bi-weekly balance updates on top of our new content drops and bug fix updates post-patch 0.13.

Contests/Twitch Drops

We have a ton of awesome giveaway events and contests planned for post patch 0.13 with prizes like new skins, matter boosts, and free merch! We also tested twitch drops with our Wintervale event and plan to implement them on a more regular basis for not only our partners, but for all our amazing Fault streamers.

And More!

On top of everything mentioned above, and all the content coming with patch 0.13.0, we have many projects being worked on for the future of the game, such as:

  • Main menu re-design.
  • Replay System.
  • New Items.
  • Item Reworks.
  • Pre-Prime Objectives.
  • Training Mode.
  • AI Game Modes.
  • Favor System Rework.
  • Raptors Rework.
  • Aspect System Rework.
  • Playable Tutorial.
  • Visual & Animation Polish.
  • Sound Polish and old hero sound reworks.
  • MVP/Rating System.
  • Honor System.
  • ARAM mode.
  • and more.


Recently we were able to secure a small leak from the art team, what could it be? Let us know what you think it is on any of our social channels!

New Hero Hype!

Before you go, we have one last thing to show you, introducing the new hero; Hopps!

Have a great Easter weekend Fault fam!


We will continue to give everyone an inside look at all of this amazing content coming to the game with our weekly updates. We are enjoying being so close to our community and take great pride in being open about our development with you all. We can not wait to get the next patch in your hands, as always, stay tuned Fault fam and see you next week!

— Strange Matter Team
April 1, 2021