Weekly Update 3/18/2021

The next weekly update is live now!
Fault News


Hello everyone and welcome to this week's blog post! We have more things to share today including a new hero skin poll! Keep in mind, everything presented in these blog posts are subject to change during implementation and testing.

Soft Fault Rating (FR) Reset

With patch 0.13.0, we will be implementing a soft FR reset. This reset will be a step towards helping to balance and tighten the edges of our matchmaking for both new and old players alike.

New Loading Screen

Along with the patch and our new H.U.D, we also have many changes in the works for an overhaul of all of our menus and screens, including this concept for a new pre-game loading screen.

(All information presented in this image is placeholder. This screen will be implemented with a later patch).

Smart Shop

Another awesome feature coming with the next patch is our new “Easy Loadout” addition to our in-game item store. This new system will help new players decide on what items they should buy throughout the match.

The new system works in 3 stages, the first being a suggested set of starting items to get you going.

The second phase will recommend up to three essential or “core” items, in this example we will purchase Baleful Armor on the right.

Finally, the Easy Loadout feature will continue to give you multiple options best suited to your hero and role in order to help everyone quickly navigate and choose their builds.


Below we have another example of some of the sounds being added with the SFX rework. In the last preview we showed you new Raptor and Prime Helix death audio. Today, we would like to show you the new minion attack and the new last hit audio.

Skin Poll

We have another skin poll for the community to vote on. Our last one we held for a Riktor concept received a ton of positive feedback and some great suggestions. We have a new one for you this week; Panda Sage Boris! 

Head on over to cast your votes and leave feedback here.


We have received a ton of positive feedback on these blog posts and plan to continue them every week throughout the development of Fault. As for patch 0.13.0, we are still planning for a March release but as we have stated before, there is a possibility of it being pushed into April during our final testing phase.

Thanks for stopping by Fault fam, and see you next week!

— Strange Matter Team
March 18, 2021