Weekly Update 2/25/2021

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Fault News


Hello again Fault fam,

The team has been grinding away on the next patch non-stop and a ton of progress has been made on everything mentioned in the last weekly update. As we stated before, the next patch contains alot more than the long-awaited HUD, it will also bring a ton of large improvements to the game and production in general. We will provide full details about all of these major changes in the notes for patch 0.13.0 as soon as we reach our final testing stages. Now, time for some more looks into what's coming to Fault!


The HUD's development is well underway and we hope to get it in your hands as quickly as possible, with that said we would like to share some more sneak peeks into its design before release, keep in mind anything you see in these weekly updates can change and should not be considered final versions.

New Aspect Screen
Everything seen in this image may change before final implementation.

Health bars

Here is an example of one of the many new health bar interactions, gaining and loosing a shield.

Ability notifications

Here is an example of how your ability notifications will appear in game, in this preview you can see the new cooldown timer, along with notifications to inform you that your skill is not yet ready, or you do not have enough mana.


One of our many new pop up notifications.

New Content

While the Dev team has been hard at work on everything mentioned in our past devblog and weekly update, the art team has been pumping out some amazing content that we can't wait to show you.

Here is a small look at one of these awesome creations to hit Fault in the near future.

Everything in this image is subject to change before final implementation.

Ubisoft Indie Series

We have made it to the finals of the Ubisoft Indie Series presented by National Bank! We are proud to be finalists for this event alongside so many amazing indie studios. The finals take place March 11th at 4pm EST at Twitch.tv/LaGuildeQC and we hope to see you all there!


We have alot in store for our community after patch 0.13 hits the game, including our next set of Twitch drops, contests to win merch, community events, and more! Thanks for stopping by to check out our second weekly update post, see you next week for even more awesome content!

— Strange Matter Team
February 25, 2021