Valentine's Day Weekend 2022 - Event Recap

A quick recap on our latest event along with an interesting infographic from the weekend.

Valentine's Day Weekend 2022 - Event Recap

A quick recap on our latest event along with an interesting infographic from the weekend.
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This Family Day, we would like to take a moment to recap and reflect on our latest event that came to Fault and how we plan to go about events in the future based on all of your wonderful feedback. You are the Fault fam after all...

The Fault Valentine's Day Weekend saw players both old and new jumping on to take advantage of the double mastery and account experience. Many of the devs were out there playing games with the community during the event too! We had a lot of fun joining you all on the battlefield and we plan to start more interactive gaming sessions involving devs, partners, and all of you in the near future!

Twitch Drops

Our Fault partners that stream on Twitch saw a large boost in viewers while we had drops running throughout the event. With the error that took place leading to an early end, bugged boxes and the data we received from Twitch, we have made changes already to ensure a smooth experience for all moving forward.

We plan to release drops for everyone who streams our game on Twitch in the future, but for now, we will continue testing them with our Partners so we can make sure you all have a positive experience when the incentive launches globally.

Fault Partnership

While on the subject of Fault partners; We would like to take a moment to ensure that we do see & review every application that comes in. We would also like to inform you all that upon receiving feedback, we are making some changes to how the application process takes place.

These changes are to ensure all applicants receive updates on their status and understand fully what is expected from content creators that wish to be partnered. If you wish to apply as a Fault partner you can find the application form here: Partner Application.

Community Challenge

As many of you know, we issued a challenge to our community during the event; Get 50,000 assists and win an exclusive avatar for all players who participated.

We were amazed to see that you all dominated this challenge by getting over 100,000 assists! Below we have added an infographic to give everyone a full breakdown of some support related stats:

Future Events

Here at Strange Matter Studios, we love running events for our community.

We plan to continue running them throughout the life of Fault, which includes our seasonal events like Shadowfest and Wintervale that we are pleased to announce will be returning this year as well as the potential for a new one this Summer! The feedback we receive with each passing event has helped us refine what we include and how they are run. On that note, we just want to take a moment to say thank you to all those who contact us with feedback regarding our events, Twitch drops, and our game in general. We wouldn't be where we are without you and we hope to continue improving on all things previously stated based on your direct feedback. If you have ideas but don't know how to send them to us, you can do so by joining us on our Discord server here:

We are excited about the next event we have planned and can't wait to start sharing the details with you all, until then, have a great day Fault fam, and see you in-game!

— Strange Matter Team
February 21, 2022

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