SMS Message Aug 6th

We apologize for not releasing patch 0.3.0 within our estimated time frame.. A message from SMS
Fault News

I wanted to personally give everyone another update on our progress, we had held off on doing so as to not ping thousands of people waiting for a patch announcement, however, due to community feedback we have decided that frequent announcements are favored.

We apologize for not releasing patch 0.3.0 within our estimated time frame. Early Access can be an exciting journey as you watch the game you love evolve in front of your eyes, but it can also be frustrating when issues arise. We are grateful for all of your feedback and sticking by us while we iron these things out.

As we stated before the main priority is optimization to help everyone's experience in-game, there are some who can not even experience things like the bugs we are fixing. With this in mind, the team decided to buckle down and make it our top priority. This did delay the next patch as stated in the announcement on the 31st, but once it is out patches will be back to being pushed at rapid speed in the normal SMS fashion.

This delay will not continue to be a burden for much longer, we have made significant progress towards not only our restructure, which has reduced the games file size by an entire 10 gigs, but we have also crushed many of the bugs along with working on some of the community's main balance feedback for this patch.

These things include:
  • Jungle camps have seen a lot of changes; All jungle camps will be static and the buffs will be much more imposing.
  • Our MMR system is constantly being worked on in the backround and will continue to evolve to fit the players.
    We have also been holding some in-depth conversations about our matchmaking and are working out a plan to further refine our system.
  • Balance pass for both heroes and items, and yes, this includes a Boris and Sevarog nerf. We can't spoil everything but Muriel should see an increase in pick rate ;)
  • The HUD remains our main priority once optimization issues have been resolved.

— Strange Matter Team
August 6, 2020