SMS Message Aug 18th

Minion changes, matchmaking and.. strange energies?
Fault News

Time for another Fault update.

We are currently taking a heavy look at our minions and matchmaking along with bug crushing and implementation of new features.

The team is improving many aspect of our minions, especially their pathing and movement behaviour. The goal of this rework is to improve the overall feeling and rewards for the laning phase and to help decrease overall match times.

We have heard our community, and understand the concern for 5 stacking this early in a Early Access.

We want to inform everyone that we will be temporarily limiting parties in Fault Casual games to 3 players starting today; However, Fault custom games will still allow parties of 5. We understand many of you are unhappy with 5 stacks and have decided to try this out with you all.

We will continue to monitor matchmaking and work to improve the experience for everyone.

As for the next two heroes?

We have detected strange energies in the duo lane and we were able to secure some footage of these two forces colliding.
We will continue to investigate and bring you the latest findings on these anomalies...

— Strange Matter Team
August 18, 2020