Servers are live

Early Access is available for purchase on steam!
Fault News

Early Access is officially live!

This would not have been possible without everyone here, we are grateful to have such an amazing community. Now that EA has launched we are excited to start the adventure to full release with you all! See you on the battlefield Fault fam!

Important Steam Information

There was an Steam configuration issue that caused our bundles to be hidden and the DLC to appear independently. This issue caused the Master pack to be available without purchasing the necessary Founders Pack. We implemented a solution to fix this, but this means that if you purchase a Masters pack without a Founders pack, you will no longer receive the full rewards. You will have to buy the Founders pack as well to get them all.We apologies for this inconvenience. We will honour all purchases of Masters packs before the solution was implemented.

A few things to note:
  • We encourage streaming and content creation, no NDA needed.
  • The game is available on steam, Founder and Master packs are classed as “DLC’s” in the Steam store.
  • If you were an IndieGoGo backer, check the email you backed us with for your Early Access keys and bonus goods.
  • The current in-game HUD is NOT final, we have a AAA company working on a new HUD that will be added in soon.
  • All heroes and Paragon skins are unlockable just by playing!
  • The Free-To-Play Full Release is planned in 2021!
  • The game is still an Early Access game. The team will address all bugs as they arise, if for some reason something game breaking occurs, we will tackle it until it is fixed and keep everyone updated on the progress.
— Strange Matter Team
July 17, 2020