Dev Blog - Entry 1

From the desk of Liam St-Onge (FresherThanFebreze)
Fault News

Hello everyone!

We have decided to start pushing dev blogs as often as possible, they will be a direct source of information from the dev team themselves, and will give you a look inside the production of Fault!

As an indie company with our first Early Access launch, we have a lot of things in the works, not only on the game itself but also towards becoming a successful game development company in general. We are excited for the future and will continue striving to improve upon all aspects of development and interaction, the true Fault hype has yet to begin!

The HUD Delay

One of the main topics of discussion as of late has been our HUD, and why we have not shared more info on it. The truth is, we weren't happy with the design we previously had commissioned; therefore, we decided to restart the design process from scratch, taking a different approach. We are a small team, and can only implement so many things at once, therefore, we do not want to start the implementation of a design we are not happy with. It will lead to a lot of wasted time making something that will just end up being a placeholder; we want Faults next HUD to be THE HUD the game will use. Therefore, we are taking the time to ensure it is exactly what the game needs.

The Philosophy for the new HUD

We want our HUD to coincide with our drive to improve on the third person MOBA genre. We want it to feel modern, alive, and to match the games AAA aesthetics. with custom animations and VFX to feed your eyes the information you need in a satisfying way, without taking your attention away from the action of course.  

What I mean by “alive” is a HUD that doesn’t just feed you all the information in static, stale boxes, but a HUD that lights up, animates, to feed you all the information in a way that makes the player satisfied. A HUD that gives you extra information using only VFX & Animations. For example: a currently active Item has its border lit up with a VFX to indicate that it is active, or an item in cooldown changing shape from box to circle, or a VFX that runs through the mini map lanes to indicate it’s time to push after prime has been taken or team killed. These things are what will bring our HUD to the AAA level of quality. 

We want a hud that holds all the information a MOBA game needs, combined with the aesthetic and clutterless feel of action games that focus on the action and immersive experience.

PING System

One new feature we are excited about will be our Ping system. This includes multiple forms of “Pings” both on the map and in the game itself. We have taken inspiration from popular action game systems such as Apex legends ping system and wish to merge it with the classic MOBA style of map pings. This means a smart ping system that will allow you to aim at an objective, location, enemy, or even ally and ping your target directly without having to take your eyes or focus off the action. We also want players to be able to smart ping directly on the mini map like a traditional MOBA game. Pings will be presented both in 2D on the mini map as well as 3D on the actual map.

New HUD When?

The HUD design is one of our main focuses right now, but it is very important for the game that we do it correctly; Therefore, we are not confident enough right now to give an official date, but as soon as we have a design update that we are pleased with we will share with the community to gather feedback before the implementation phase.

— Strange Matter Team
September 29, 2020