Dev Blog - Entry 6

From the desk of Jampson
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We recently made some big changes to our item store along with adding a few new items to the game. In this dev blog, we talk about the reasons for the change, and what went into creating our new items.

Old VS New

After many discussions internally among our staff and testers, we decided that our item system needed a change, and when we put out a poll to our community we found that our players agreed with us. We decided to create a whole new system to achieve this, and in patch 0.9.0 we implemented the new recipe system along with a few new items.

With the new system, players are given the option to choose multiple smaller components that can be upgraded into various items based on situations you come across in the game. Before, once you started down a tree with the old item system, you were limited by what was found in that tree, or what part of the tree you were on. Upgrade costs were lowered around the board and since you can build multiple smaller components with the new system, backing and buying lets you spend more of your gold effectively.

So far the feedback on the new system has been overwhelmingly positive, we are happy to see everyone enjoying it, and watching them utilize the new system to adapt to in-game scenarios is exactly what we were hoping to see. We will continue to review how players utilize our items and item system and and work towards improving the build experience for all with future tweaks and new items.

New Items

With patch 0.9.0, we added a few new assassin items to the game, Phantom Blade, Demonic Embrace, and Enlightened Saber, and we continue to work on more items for all roles.

We feel new Fault items are still needed to ensure all roles have impactful options that amplify their playstyle and general role qualities while adding more adaptability to the game. When we design items, we try to think of things that are impactful to a specific role, and ways we can use items to improve upon this through the stats, active abilities, and the passives they give the player.

With Phantom Blade, for example, the thought was that assassins are about high mobility and high damage, Phantom blade helps amplify this with a passive that gives you out of combat movement speed to rotate faster while providing stats that are based on increasing your burst damage and general DPS.

We have many other items in the works to add more versatility to each role, and we plan to implement them after rigorous testing of each item and seeing how they will affect the game. Below we have prepared a small teaser to show off just a few of these upcoming items:

We can not wait to implement these new items, along with all the amazing new content coming to Fault. If this is the first Dev blog you have read, be sure to check out all of our past blogs to get all caught up on what is coming.

Your feedback has been essential to us when working on new content during our pre full release state and we continue to thank everyone for their support. We will post more info about upcoming content with future dev blogs, streams, and teasers, so stay tuned Fault fam!

— Strange Matter Team
December 1, 2020