Dev Blog - Entry 3

From the many new desks at Strange Matter Studios.
Fault News

Hey there Fault fam! Today, we would like to introduce three new staff members to the community!


Character Design

Thiago is a 3D character artist with a passion for drawing and video games. He started his career roughly 9 years ago and has been doing freelance work for various companies for the last 3 years. We welcome his skill and experience and are very excited to share his work with you all! We have included samples of his past work for everyone to check out.


Technical Artist

Michal is an experienced VFX, Technical and Level Artist who started work as an Unreal Engine game developer back in 2010 where he worked on games such as Ghostrunner and Soul Keeper. Michal’s work will be vital to the evolution of Fault's visual aesthetic and we welcome him into our team with open arms. You can see more of his work below or via this link:


UI/UX Designer

Andrzej is a talented UX/UI designer and 2d animator with a passion for art and game design, He has created both PC and Boardgames in his career along with many UI’s for games and applications. We found Andrzej through the community vaults in our Discord and we can't wait to apply his talents to Fault. We have added a couple of examples of his past work including a concept he made for a Fault main menu (this does not reflect our upcoming HUD and UI).

Thank you

Strange Matter Studios continues to evolve at a rapid pace, we are very excited to announce that we are now an official game development company with full-time staff! We want to thank everyone in the community who has been with us throughout the journey of Early Access so far, your support, feedback, and bug reports are crucial to the development of not only our game but the company itself.

We will always continue to listen to the voices of our players as we grow, and we can not express our gratitude enough. We are working on many aspects of the game at the moment, and with new staff members joining the team, and more of our current team coming on full-time, we are able to increase the production and quality of our game for Fault's current players and in preparation for the future player base. Our dev blogs and upcoming streams will be a steady source of information directly to everyone to ensure you get all the details on the amazing things to come!

— Strange Matter Team
October 22, 2020