You can now play Boris the new bruiser / ganker of Fault!


You can now play Boris the new bruiser / ganker of Fault!
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Boris is a melee fighter that scavenges the battlefield and his prey to create his own opportunities.

Boris is the result of terrible experiments, and was designed to be the ultimate hunter with abnormally strong senses. Boris is an expert Blood Tracker and can smell the blood of weakened enemies from unbelievable distances, allowing him to engage his prey with ferocious speed and surprise.

When prey are within a short distance, Boris can close the gap with Maul, swiping his massive paws to inflict devastating wounds on any who get in his way. He was also designed to be an expert scavenger, extracting valuable resources from the battlefield to empower him when times are tough. If a victim is proving exceptionally slippery, Boris utilizes his rockets to slam into his opponent and secure the kill.

— Strange Matter Team
February 20, 2020

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