Bi-Weekly Update 9/9/21

New items, Patch 14 talk, and more!

Bi-Weekly Update 9/9/21

New items, Patch 14 talk, and more!
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Welcome to today’s community update!

The work on our next major patch and our first large scale event is going very well. We plan to begin showing off more details about the patch such as but not limited to; A.I gameplay, new screens, new animations and more. We'll be updating the community about the changes leading up to our announcement. For now, lets take a sneak peak of our new UI screens, dive into more information on our A.I, along with a preview of upcoming items!

Patch 14 event

After patch 13 was launched, we monitored our community in order to judge everybody's reactions. We saw how the changes made to the game had a tremendous positive impact on how it played and felt. Fault will continue to improve with time but with that said we feel confident once patch 14 is released, our marketing team will advertise our game more widely to the gaming community.

As previously mentioned in our past blogs, patch 14 will bring two major system the community has been asking for; mastery system and artificial intelligence (AI) mode. With the mastery system in place, you will be able to work towards multiple goals such as unique skins and rewards for playing matches. The AI system will help our onboarding experience for players to familiarize with our game, mechanics, characters and items before trying out PvP. In addition, the AI mode can be played solo or with your friends.

We have lots of new content coming to the game and we know you'll be excited to see. Leading up to the patch we will continue to show sneak peaks and leaks before it's fully released to the public.

Along with new systems, major community event, UI overhaul and new animations, we're overjoyed to see this next chapter unfold. Lastly, we will continue to keep you fully updated with our bi-weekly blogs and social media posts.

New screens

Below we would like to give you another peek at our new menu screens coming with patch 14.

What do you think of this new screen? Can you spot any new features? Let us know on Twitter and Discord!

Upcoming Items

Our game design and art team have been hard at work pumping out new items each patch, today we would like to provide a preview of some of the new items that will be releasing in future Bi-weekly patches.

Mastery Rewards

Another Blog post means another look at upcoming mastery rewards!
This week, we would like to show you the 4 stages of mastery skins for Khaimera!

— Strange Matter Team
September 9, 2021

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