Bi-Weekly Update 9/23/21

Lobby map tease, Mastery progression screen and mastery skin
Fault News

Hello Fault Fam!

This weeks blog we’re seeing more updates for patch 14. We’ve spoke about our new systems that will be implemented once 14 comes around, and we will continue to showcase different updates leading up to the major patch.

Lobby Map Showcase

Let’s show something a little different this time. Our level artists have been hard at work creating these amazing new maps for our new lobby. You’re looking at the new Dawn Lobby map. This map will appear for players in draft on the dawn side of the map. Along with its incredible lighting, your hero will stand in the middle of this breathtaking scene as you choose your team to go into battle.

Mastery Menu Teaser

To continue showing our UI overhaul; here is a peak at the hero mastery progression.

Mastery Preview

And of course, we can't forget to show another mastery skins. This week lets look over Dekker!

Dekker master skin show case (silver, gold, diamond and master)

Blog posts going forward

As we draw closer to our next major update, we are changing how we handle the marketing of our game. From now on, instead of bi-weekly blog posts, our showcases will be done through social posts, videos, and more frequent dev streams!

Although they won't be as often, we will still be posting dev blogs in the future. We just feel our blogs will be better utilized to showcase the development of the game and the reasons why we do the things we do. Moving forward, will be shifting to full-on blogs written by the devs themselves with visuals showing their progress, from concept to reality.

We thank you all again for your continued support and we are beyond excited to move into the next stage of our game with you all. We have always been gameplay first here at Strange Matter Studios, and after over a year of Early Access and nonstop grinds to improve our game, we feel Patch 0.14 is the right time to start getting our name out there and open the doors to new players everywhere!

— Strange Matter Team
September 23, 2021