Bi-Weekly Update 8/26/21

Hero poll, new screens, and more!

Bi-Weekly Update 8/26/21

Hero poll, new screens, and more!
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Hello everyone and welcome to today's blog post.

As our Dev team continues to work away on everything coming with our next major update, we have also been working towards a large scale in-game event! We will announce the date and start showcasing everything within the next few weeks. We are very excited for the future of Fault and can not wait to show our community what we have been working on when we launch our major update event.

In today's blog post we discuss heroes, show off more upcoming menu screens, and clarify a few things the community has been asking about. 

Fault's Heroes

One of the main questions we receive is: New heroes when?

We would like to confirm that yes, more heroes are coming to Fault!

Be sure to take a closer look at our previous “workshop” image for a hint at who the next heroes may be.

Hero Poll

Not only are new heroes coming to Fault, but we would also like to confirm that all former heroes from Paragon will be coming to the game! With this confirmation, we would like to add another hero poll for our community to vote on. 

Which hero do you miss the most that you want to see in Fault? Vote here:

Matchmaking Post-Patch 14

With our new bot modes and AI systems around the corner, we would like to take a moment to discuss how they will affect players' experiences and matchmaking in-game.

New players will be introduced into the game by playing a specific amount of Player vs Bot matches to help teach them the basics and expose them to the in-game mechanics. These matches will track how players perform to judge their skill level, this will be separate from their initial placement matches. Not only will the new systems drastically improve new player on boarding, but they will also add an extra step of stat tracking to help ensure players are placed in matches suiting their skill level

On top of these changes, we have been monitoring and tuning our player performance rating calculations over the past few months in the background. We understand how important matchmaking systems are in a PVP game like Fault, and this work will help improve our systems as we travel up the road to our full release.

New Menu Screens

The community really enjoyed the preview of the new draft lobby screens, and although we want to save the rework for closer to our major update, we have one more screen we would like to show off.

[Sample image] Subject to change before full implementation.

Mastery Preview

In this week's blog post we would like to present the four stages of mastery skin rewards for Kwang!

— Strange Matter Team
August 26, 2021

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