Bi-Weekly Update 8/12/21

This week we talk about new items, new additions to our staff, and more!

Bi-Weekly Update 8/12/21

This week we talk about new items, new additions to our staff, and more!
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Hello everyone and welcome to this week's blog post.

Today we talk about a few topics including a preview of upcoming changes to our draft menus, upcoming items, and a couple of new additions to our team!

Our blog posts will start to reveal more in the coming weeks as we continue to work towards the systems needed for our next major update. These systems are a core part of the update, which will include the Mastery system and A.I bot modes, along with more hype content we have yet to fully announce.

New Items

Fault's game design team has been hard at work preparing yet another set of new items for next week's patch! Today we wanted to show off the artworks for these upcoming items before they are added to the game.

What kind of items do you think they are? Let us know on our Twitter and in our Discord!

Lobby screen updates

One of the many things coming with Fault's next major update is a complete rework to our draft screens and how the drafts will work in general. We will also be implementing new features such as a pre lobby role select, along with other features we feel will drastically improve the draft experience as a whole.

Keep in mind that changes may occur before full implementation.

New Pre-Draft Role Select Screen

New Draft Menu Screen

New Team Members

We have more talented individuals joining our team and we are very excited to introduce them to our community!

Our team has come a long way since the original 4 founders came together to create Fault. Now, with nearly 20 devoted staff members, our production capabilities and pace continue to evolve as we work towards the full release of our game. Below we provide a brief introduction to our two newest members, Leo and Rodrigo.

Leonardo "LeoStone" Rocha
Gameplay Programmer

Leo is a programmer with over 5 years of experience working on various things such as mobile/web development, embedded systems/IoT, and game development. Leo has a deep love of gaming that goes far back into his childhood. With his favorite type of game being anything in the MOBA genre, he is a perfect fit to join our team as our newest gameplay programmer.

Rodrigo Miranda Domeneghetti
3D Artist

Rodrigo is a 3D character artist from Brazil who has been working in the field for over 4 years. With a passion for video games and art, we are happy to add him to our team as someone who will be working towards the current, and future aesthetic of Fault.

Mastery Preview

This week we have yet another look into the upcoming rewards for our mastery system. Today we would like to present the four stages of Morigesh mastery skins!

— Strange Matter Team
August 12, 2021

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