Bi-Weekly Update 7/1/21

The next bi-weekly blog post is live now!

Bi-Weekly Update 7/1/21

The next bi-weekly blog post is live now!
Fault News


Welcome to this week's blog post!

We have some big things to announce over the next few months and can not wait to get the Fault hype train rolling! This week we wanted to showcase more of our VFX polish along with some new upcoming items and more!

VFX Polish

We continue to polish and upgrade Fault's hero VFX while we work on the next major update, along with tackling more bugs and balance. We would like to showcase some of the changes that were implemented with patch 13.6 below.

Murdock Passive
Belica Ultimate & Backing Animation
Grux Ultimate
Twin Blast Ultimate & Dash

New Items

We have even more items on the way with our next patch! This week we decided to show off some of the arts for the upcoming items to see if the community can guess what they, along with giving feedback on the artworks themselves. (Item arts are not final and may be subject to change.)

Discord Teacher Program

After receiving some community feedback and ideas for our discord, we have decided to create a teacher program within our discord itself. This program will allow specific discord users to claim a role that will mark them as helpful and knowledgeable members of the community. We will have channels where members can ask these “teachers” questions and even play matches with each other.

The program will be implemented this upcoming Tuesday afternoon with full info on how the program will work and how to apply as a teacher.

Mastery Rewards

We have yet another preview of upcoming mastery rewards to show everyone. This week we would like to present the four stages of mastery skin rewards for Muriel!

— Strange Matter Team
July 1, 2021

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