Bi Weekly Update 6/17/21

The next bi-weekly update is live now!

Bi Weekly Update 6/17/21

The next bi-weekly update is live now!
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Welcome to this week's blog post.

As we stated last week we have changed our blog post format from weekly to bi-weekly, this is to coincide with our new bi-weekly patches. We have alot of exciting things coming up and can not wait to share it with you all, but for now, we would like to talk about toxicity and showcase some upcoming content!

Support and Toxicity

Our support team has been working non-stop to do the best we can to battle toxicity in the game. In the past 2 months a whopping 452 bans have been issued by our team, this includes chat restrictions and temporary bans. While we understand this is a competitive game and that environment can lead to heated moments in chat, we want to do all we can to ensure players both old and new feel comfortable in-game.

We encourage everyone to use the report and mute functions found in the scoreboard tab and endgame screen, shown below.

The report button is indicated by the ! symbol. When clicked it will bring up the following screen where you can choose the reason for reporting and leave a brief message for our support team to review.

We believe that with new systems coming to the game, like our honor system, AI bot modes, and playable tutorial, will drastically reduce general toxicity in the game by creating a better environment for all, for the meantime, we plan to be more strict with repeat offenders while also working to refine the current support system even further. We take this issue seriously and will continue to do all we can to improve the experience for all players.

VFX Polish

We have started implementing reworked VFX on our heroes and will continue to add them with our biweekly patches.

Below is an example of Gideon's polished VFX.

We are now hiring!

Strange matter studios are always looking to expand our team with talented and driven people that have a passion for the gaming world. We have a few positions up for grabs and the applications can be found here.

Mastery System

Progress on the Mastery system is going well, and we have many exciting things to show you in the near future regarding this system and more!

Reward Screen Preview

Below we have an example of a new rewards screen that will pop up after your match, this screen will inform you of what you received from your match, including your mastery progress.

This example is not final, and this screen will include new animations and effects.

Skin Preview

We also have another preview of one of the hero's skin rewards, this week we would like to introduce: the four stages of Belica's mastery skins!

— Strange Matter Team
June 17, 2021

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