Talanted member of the Fault community shares his art!
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Hello everyone!

Today we are bringing back our community showcases, we have a ton of talanted players who have been creating some amazing stuff, our showcases were a great way to show them off to the community and we are happy to announce that they will be a regular thing again.

Our first new showcase is with community member Mitch Rugged! Mitch has been with Fault since the start and has shared many awesome artworks, concepts, memes and more!

Greetings! Let’s get you introduced to the Fault community! Tell us a bit about yourself.

A) Hey, Ladies and Gents, My name is Mitch, I'm part of the many few on the internet from Canada. I have a double decker Igloo with some insane wifi. I ride a polar bear to get my fiance a Tim Hortans coffee everyday, while listening to our savior Justin Bieber on my cassette player. I have a three year old named Parker. And a fiance to Strange Matter Studio’s Dev, Alaya. 

Started drawing at a young age and was pretty good at it. Unfortunately working my way through highschool I lost all motivation to draw or do anything art related. Getting into video games and devoting my life to MMO’s at the time was more of the “thing” to do with my friends. Over the last 5 or so years, I attended college to see if I can make anything out of the passion I once had before, and now I'm on the Strange Matters Studio showcase.

Q) When creating your artwork, how do you usually get started? What gets you inspired to edit/create your content?

A) Well, schooling has taught me to work with a process, start with basic shapes, find your action line, sketch in the pose, fix your proportions and make sure perspective works for your image, and use lots of references. While it is fun to just draw from your imagination, most people never really remember what something looks like. We have a really good idea of what it would look like, but most of the time we forget key elements of what we are drawing that truly makes the object. Even knowing this process I still struggle to follow it myself. The Hippocampus  part of the brain likes to take over and mess up this process for me.

Recently on my current projects. I got some inspiration for some Fault artwork from Pinterest. Pinterest, Artstation and other art platforms are a good way to be inspired. So as I was scrolling through Pinterest I found an artist doing some chibi work. New to this style, I decided to give it a try myself.

Q) How did you get into this style of art? How long have you been doing it?

A)  This is another thing I'm struggling with, I personally feel like I don't have a certain style yet. Even though you will see, most of my art is 2D Digital art, and I’m having a blast with it. And is the most comfortable art style I have, but there's a feeling like it's not my style. And I'm still looking for it. It can be frustrating at times, but then again I haven't really explored much of the other mediums out there. 

Like I stated before I’ve been doing all types of art off and on all my life. But just in the last few years have I really tried to increase my 2D digital art skills.

Q) Do you have a favorite artist that inspires you?

A)  I Can’t say I have a favorite artist, because I love almost everything anyone does. But I do like the work of Rob Gonsalves. He has done wonders with his paintings. He's done a lot of surreal paintings that look amazing. I learned about him a little In school.

Q) How did you find out about Fault?

A)  So fault has been on my radar since early testing days. When Paragon died, I was like many others looking for that next game that will fill the void. Tried jumping back into the other common moba games, but it just wasn't enough. Even though Smite was third person, it didn't have what Paragon had. Fault has come a long way, and it's awesome to play the characters we loved so much before. It's like a dream come true. Silly as that all sounds, it's nice to have something similar to Paragon but also keeping it their own.

Q) Who is your favorite Fault hero and why?

A) Fault doesn’t have my all time favorites from Paragon yet. ( Rampage, Drongo, Wukong). But I'd have to say it's Steel. Even though Steels kit is nice in Fault, I like playing him because In my opinion he isn't Meta. I love how much team potential he can bring. One good ultimate can change the tide of the game.

Q) If people wanted to follow you for more kick-ass content, where would they find you?

A) I'm not one who likes sharing my art, because I never feel like it was good enough. But I have recently been trying to kick that feeling and just share it when I can. I have started a new Instagram just for my artistic work. So any following would be nice. Link Here

Q) Anything you’d want to say to the community while you’re in the spotlight?

A) To new people in the community, when playing Fault hang in there. The first bit of the game is a learning curve. Once you get the basics, the game is really fun and brings back the paragon feel for me.

To the veterans in the community, thanks for continuing to play the game with me. Just remember to take it easy on new players. We need them.

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January 19, 2022

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