Tattoo Artist. Digital Artist. Proud Father.
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Greetings Jay! Let’s get you introduced to our wonderful community. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello, I’m jayvee.

I am a tattoo and digital artist from The Netherlands.
At home I am a casual gamer and a proud father of a handsome 5 year old boy.

Let’s talk more about your art...

Q) When creating new pieces of Fault art, how do you usually get started? What gets you inspired to keep creating such wonderful artworks?

A) I have so many ideas in my head for the Fault Heroes. I like to look at the community sentiments about certain topics or just simply ask them what they would like to see. Sometimes I also get heads up from Drake(Fault discord moderator) about ideas being thrown around in the community chat.

What gets me inspired is the work ethic I have seen from the Strange Matter team. So when I am done work for the day as a Tattoo artist, I automatically get fired up to draw when I get home. The passion I've seen in the community inspired me to push myself to become even better with what I do to provide better content for everyone to enjoy.

Q) How did you get into art? How long have you been an artist?

A) Well, it’s a story I've always been proud to tell.
My career as an artist started late. I've been forced to drop out of school because of my condition. I was suffering from a psychosis that lead my life in a great depression. As a kid, I always wanted to be a game concept artist so I started drawing from an early age, but later on, in my teenage years, I became more of a gamer and drew less. Until the time I got into my depression. I realized drawing was a remedy for me so I started picking it up again on the regular, after almost a decade of suffering from psychosis. Drawing serves as a medicine and it helps me get back to society, I went on a mission to overcome my fears and started picking up commissions. I've met people wanting tattoo designs and so at the age of 26, I decided to try to learn it myself and immediately fell in love with the art. I am now 34 and been tattooing 7 years professionally. Next to tattooing, I've always been eager to learn new stuff so after work I would play games or learn to paint but eventually fell more in love with digital art. Game art designs had always kept me inspired. So that’s what I basically do. I tattoo on the day and make digital art at night.

Q) How did you find out about Fault?

A) I consider myself a casual gamer. I would try a game out together with my game buddies but it usually doesn't last long. I get tired of them quickly. Except for RPG’s I love RPGs. But once the story is over. It's over, lol. But Paragon was something else. The entire time it existed, It just never got boring. Plus few of my buddies were in love with it too so we kept playing it on the regular till the day it went away. I was surprised how much the game meant to me. So every now and then I would check out youtube and reminisce about the game. Till one day I saw BritikHD talk about fault. That was around late December 2019. I knew there were few remakes on the making but I didn’t really expect anything. But once I check out faults and their discord. I knew this was the place to be. I was impressed by how the StrangeMatter team managed the alpha weekends and how much they care about their community so I decided to stick around.

Q) Who is your favorite hero and why?

A) There are a bunch on my favorite list but my number one pick would be Crunch.

I like his design and his abilities, I like how his ultimate passively empower his other abilities and how it changes the animation of the abilities. I like his versatility, you can hit or run or head on straight and unleash his combos on the enemies. Playing him was amazingly intense.

Q) If people wanted to follow your artistic endeavours, where would they find you?

A) you can follow me on twitter @jayveecue and I'm also active on Instagram @jayveetattoo for my tattoo portfolio. I'm also planning to put my digital artwork on an art station in the near future.

Q) Anything you’d want to say to the community while you’re in the spotlight?

A) First of all Thanks to the SMS team for giving me the chance to be part of the project

I would like to say how awesome this community has been. Fun and everyone is very supportive of one another. I am very optimistic about how far we can grow with fault. And in the process, I will keep my very best to provide content for you guys to enjoy. Thank you for the support and the kind words I receive from the artworks I made.

Experiencing the moments with this community as we watch Fault to unfold already surpasses the joy I had experiencing paragon.

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Posted on
July 11, 2020