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Q) First of all, for those who do not know of FHN, please give us a brief description of the FHN

A) FHN is a community group that aims to cover all things Fault from talk shows, LFG, tournaments and more. We strive to always grow and improve our content, in order to best fit the needs of the community.

Q) Let’s get to know the three of you, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do for FHN.

K) My name is Xavier “Kodiris” Ruiz and I am a Tournament Admin and Web Developer for FHN. I work on all things to do with the website with the help of The_GamingGoose and Baylix. In addition to website design and development, I also am working on the preparation for the tournament scene as well as being responsible for game management on competition day. I am currently a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign majoring in Information Science with a minor in Computer Science. My interests in programming/web development started at a young age of 13, self-teaching myself the skills necessary to make websites and plugins for Minecraft servers.

S) My name is Reginald (A.K.A. Spyderbyte). I am the Video editor for FHN and will be covering all bases from promotional material to tournament highlights. It’s my hope to grow with FHN and always improve upon my skills. I wish I had pursued video production and editing as a career after High School. Life’s too short, definitely better late than never. 

J) My name is Sam “Jalananni” Dulong, I’m a moderator for FHN. I’m trying to get back to school to be a pharmacist at the moment, so I work as a pharmacy tech in the meantime. I spend most of my free time with my two kids, I have a 3-year-old boy and a 10-month-old girl that keep me on my toes.

Q) How did you hear about Fault?

K) I was a huge Paragon fan and absorbed countless hours of content from Sylphin and Britik on YouTube. I heard about the Fault project through Sylphin’s content as a game developer and Britik’s project overview videos where he described the three main competitors. After watching those videos I joined the discords of all three of the games. What made me stick with Fault for the long term was the presence of a community and the ability to interact with the devs. It made it feel like a true community’s game rather than a cash grab. 

S) The man, the myth, the legend himself, Britik. I followed his videos all the way from Paragon,  the death of the game we all loved, and now into this new age of competitive 3rd person MOBAs. Out of all the other studios, I felt that Strange Matter Studios (SMS) had a great concept in mind for the reenvisioning of what Paragon could, and should have been. That coupled with their constant community interaction and involvement was more than enough to catch my eye.

J) I had played Paragon up until the shut down (insert sad violin music here). Then The_Agorian showed me the video Mangoose came out with about the “ParaZombies” and after experiencing the SMS community I just couldn’t pick any other studio/game to support. 

Q) How did the FHN come to be and did you see yourselves growing your team so quickly to pump out such awesome content? (discuss the early stages of the discord and how it became what it is now)

FHN (Fault Hub Network) started as The Fault Hub, a website that showcased all the hero and item data during Fault’s Alpha tests as they were not available on the official website at that time, with a Discord that served as a LFG. Once SMS finally got that information on their own website Baylix brought on Im_StranGer to host his show on the Fault Hub Twitch channel. After discussions between them it was announced that The Fault Hub would be changing to Fault Hub Network to better cater to their long term vision going forward. This included several shows and tournaments running on the ‘network’, news, community tools and more, some of which are still yet to be announced. This required a lot more back end work and the recruiting began.

S) I originally approached Im_Stranger about editing for FHN, about a month before EA dropped. I heard they were recruiting during his Faultarian Journal episodes. Everything started off very slow, but the Founders of FHN had a vision in mind for what they could be. When EA dropped everything exploded. The numbers in the discord basically tripled overnight. We needed more mods and fast! As we continue steadily growing, new ideas from the community fuel our motivations, and we won’t stop growing and progressing. Big things are on the horizon, and we can’t wait to unveil all of our plans to this incredible community.

Q) So I hear you plan to run tournaments for the community, would you like to elaborate on that?

A) Preparations are being made, word on the street is any team that wants to compete in the inaugural tournament will have the opportunity to show the community what they’re made of. We have a dedicated channel for team recruitment on the discord server, so if you are starting a team or would like to join one, keep your eyes peeled for opportunities there. We recommend getting your teams together as soon as you can because the plans we have for this are huge and will be announced very soon.

Q) We have seen some awesome video content and promotions from the FHN, are you working on anything atm you would like to talk about? Is there a particular video/promotion you would like to share with the community? 

S) 1 There’s a HUGE announcement coming soonTM. A video for the big reveal is in the works as we speak! Make sure you are in the FHN Discord, and following our socials so you are notified the moment it drops.

Q) If people wanted to follow the FHN what would be the best way to do so?







Q) Anything you’d want to say to the community while you’re in the spotlight?

K) There are several exciting projects coming in the near future for the website that will increase the community’s productivity when it comes to playing Fault. We are very excited to be working on and providing more technologies to help your Fault experience be a complete and fulfilling one. Please don’t be afraid to come to us at FHN with any community-related ideas and if you believe you have skills that will help us in our mission, please reach out at contact@faulthub.net

S) None of this would be possible without the HUGE support from everyone in the community. Thank you ALL.

J) This whole community is wicked welcoming and makes it a whole lot easier to mod when there aren't a lot of shenanigans, so thank you for that!

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