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In this weeks community showcase we spoke with Espada, a talanted artist and video editor who has worked with us in the past to whip up some amazing content for the community.

Greetings Espadã! Let’s get you introduced to our wonderful community. Tell us a bit about yourself.

A) Hi, my name’s Tomas and (as you can probably tell from my accent) I’m from Italy. You may already know me for being a part of SMS Moderation and Media teams. I’ve always been very passionate about anything art related. I’m all for eye-candy, whether it is game visuals, a good video or a nice drawing and that’s what I try to convey with the content I produce, and I believe that was one of the factors that got me a place in the Media Team for Strange Matter Studios.

Q) When creating your amazing art and videos, how do you usually get started? What gets you inspired to edit/create your content?

A) It really happens in most unexpected ways, but the general process is to merge eye-candy with the purpose I might have for that specific piece of content.
A good example would be the video I’ve made to explain Gideon’s passive ability in Fault: I thought it might be useful information for the community since not many really paid attention to it in-game, and I also knew I could capture some really nice cinematic footage inside Unreal Engine  for the intro and some other bits. And that made the perfect mix.
It’s not like that all the time though, most of the time I start projects/drawings and just let them sit there unfinished because of lack of inspiration, and I’m sure that many artists and content creators can relate.

Q) How did you get into art and content creation? How long have you been doing it?

A)  It all started in a very typical way, I liked drawing since I was a child and have been doing it on and off my whole life. I also like getting to know different disciplines that have something to do with art and that’s how I got into video making and editing too. I’ve been making videos for about 8 years now, but I got more serious about it in 2018 and since then I have a secret wish of becoming successful on YouTube and making a living out of it.
I have got into a lot of other disciplines as well such as dancing, music, beatboxing, 3D modeling, photography but what really makes me happy is digital art and video making and this is what I stick with the most.

Q) Who is your favorite artist/content creator?

A) Now this is a difficult one because I don’t have one specific artist or content creator that I look up to, I keep on finding out about crazy artists and video makers every day and it would be really silly of me to have one favorite. There are some big ones that I enjoy watching like Peter McKinnon and Matti Hapooja, but it can go to some small and unknown ones too like Gunschilli.

Q) How did you find out about Fault?

A) When I had my first PS4 I was looking for free games on the store and I found Paragon and I was amazed by it. It had amazing visuals, awesome character concepts and what surprised me the most was that the game at that time was in a BETA stage. I did see a couple of games in BETA before Paragon and they were not nearly as good looking and that just blew my mind. Unfortunately it was a difficult game to understand especially for someone with a very casual mindset towards games so after my first match I was done with it.
A couple of years later I was looking for a good game to get into and I remembered of Paragon and how good looking it was, so I decided to look it up and I found out it was shut down. Luckily I found out about Fault and it was exactly the period when SMS was giving out 10k access keys and I got my hands on one. I didn’t really stick with the community that much until the Early Access launch. I started to be more regular on the discord and boy did I not expect to get where I am now. Working closely with Ryan Red and other members of the studio is really awesome!

Q) Who is your favorite Fault hero and why?

A) I do really love every single hero that is available in Fault right now and the ones that are to come, but I have a very special spot for Gideon in my heart. The mysterious appearance and the extremely fun kit will never get old.

Q) If people wanted to follow you for more kick ass content, where would they find you?

A) You can find me on YouTube, Twitter (links below) and SMS Discord. I have plans for some good content so keep an eye on these socials!
YouTube at:
Twitter at:

Q) Anything you’d want to say to the community while you’re in the spotlight?

A) As a wise man once said: No rage gameplay, always compete and never surrender.
Have fun and be nice to others, you can never know where it could bring you. 

I’m extremely humbled by the opportunity given to me to contribute to the game’s growth in my own little way.

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March 16, 2021

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