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0.8.0 - Horns Of War

Grux & Shadowfest 2020



NEW: Grux
Grux is a melee diver who uses his mobility and positioning to land devastating abilities against enemy teams. We wanted Grux to deal substantial damage and have impactful abilities while also being vulnerable if these abilities aren't utilized appropriately. His passive gains the most value when he weaves basic attacks in between his abilities, but this requires Grux to have good positioning and good utilization of his crowd control abilities to stay in range of his opponents when doing so. Grux has huge potential to lock down a target and deal massive damage, but missing his Charge and Pull abilities can render him vulnerable when in the middle of battle. Beginner players will use his abilities out of order and without using basic attacks in between them, while masterful players will flank opponents, save their engage/disengage ability for the appropriate moment, use his ultimate at the start of an engagement, and focus vulnerable, crowd-control susceptible targets to obliterate.
Crushing Blows (P)
  • Grux gains a stack of Crushing Blows for each unit damaged by one of his abilities, up to a cap.
  • Using Basic Attacks within a set amount of time of gaining a stack, consumes one stack, dealing on-hit Physical Damage.
  • Crushing Blows ignores Physical Armour and cannot Critically Strike.
Seismic Pull (Q)
  • Grux channels his Seismic Pull and then smashes his clubs into the ground, sending forth a seismic wave that damages and propels all enemy and neutral units caught towards Grux.
  • The area of effect starts short and wide, growing longer and skinnier.
  • Units are suppressed during travel.
Okeros Charge (E)
  • After a brief delay, Grux charges forward, stopping at the first enemy hero hit, dealing Physical Damage and knocking them up.
  • Minions are pushed aside.
Cleave (RMB)
  • Grux uses his two clubs to cleave all units caught in front of him within melee range, dealing Physical Damage.
  • Applies Bleed and Trauma to the target.
  • This attack applies on-hit effects but cannot Critically Strike.
Challenger's Rage (R)
  • Grux lets out a monstrous roar, gaining Physical Power for a set duration.
  • Grux gains additional passive stacks and is unstoppable while he roars.

Grux is exclusively available for Season 0 Pass holders. For those of you that do not own the Season 0 Pass, Grux will be available to purchase with Matter, Coins or Hero Marks on November 2nd, 2020.


NEW: Belica Witch (Shadowfest Exclusive)
NEW: Gideon Devil (Shadowfest Exclusive)
NEW: Grux Toon
NEW: Khaimera Clown (Shadowfest Exclusive)
NEW: Narbash Pumpkin (Shadowfest Exclusive)
NEW: Twinblast Skull (Shadowfest Exclusive)


  • Halloween Map (You can toggle the map on/off by pressing 'Escape' and pressing the corresponding button)
  • Halloween Lobby

Skin Discounts

  • Franken-Grux Grux (15% off Coins & Matter)
  • Feline Queen Sparrow (15% off Coins & Matter)
  • Bash-O-Lantern Narbash (15% off Coins & Matter)
  • Spider Witch Lt. Belica (15% off Coins & Matter)
  • Halloween Khaimera (15% off Coins & Matter)
  • Mephisto Gideon (15% off Coins & Matter)
  • Halloween Twinblast (15% off Coins & Matter)

Double XP Weekend

  • Double XP will be activated Friday, October 30th and run until Sunday, November 1st.

Shadowfest Wallpaper

1920x1080 (1K):

— Strange Matter Team
October 26, 2020