Bi-Weekly Update 7/15/21

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Fault News


Welcome to today’s blog post!

This week's update includes part one of two images we are releasing to give some insight on the future of Fault, along with some information on our upcoming A.I systems and another preview of our upcoming mastery rewards.

The Workshop (1 of 2)

Dekker seems to be hard at work, what could have her so occupied?

To ensure you catch all of the fine details, you can grab the high-resolution version HERE.

A.I Systems

Our upcoming A.I systems are being tested to iron out bugs and fine-tune their behaviour before players will be facing them in our upcoming A.I game modes. New players will be introduced to Fault through A.I matches before unlocking PVP matches through their account progression. This will help to ensure new players are provided a better environment to learn the game while also being matched against human opponents of the same skill level when they unlock PVP matches.

Mastery Reveal

This week we would like to present yet another preview of some upcoming mastery system rewards, the four stages of Grux mastery skins!

— Strange Matter Team
July 15, 2021